Puyallup Rose Society

Cultivating Beauty for All

The Puyallup Rose Society is an all-volunteer organization which tends numerous gardens for the public’s enjoyment. The Society has taken care of roses at the Meeker Mansion and Good Sam for many years, and recently was asked to assist the City in restoring the rose garden in Pioneer Park.

Located adjacent to the Veterans Memorial, “Seabrook Garden” was originally planted with help from early members of the Puyallup Rose Society. The City expanded the garden area to accommodate 20 new “glory” roses that are specifically cultivated to honor veterans, including “Veteran’s Honor” and “Let Freedom Ring.” The garden’s main section also now features a “Rosie The Riveter” plant in recognition of women who worked in the factories during the second world war, and a rose named “Firefighter” in tribute to our first responders.

Over the next few years, the Society will add and replace new roses in the main garden as needed.

The Puyallup Rose Society was established over 20 years ago and welcomes new members. In addition to tending plants, members of the Society also conduct community outreach to instruct others in the selection, placement and care of roses. They offer classes at several area nurseries, including Watson’s and Windmill. You can find out more on Facebook, including meetings and events.

Please come visit Pioneer Park this summer to see the changes and enjoy all the roses in bloom. If you happen to see volunteers pruning and weeding the garden, feel free to stop and ask them any questions you may have--they love to share their knowledge and affection for roses!