Neighborhood Traffic Calming

The goal of the City’s Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program is to slow traffic on certain streets by altering driver behavior.

Implementing a neighborhood traffic calming program requires a commitment from a majority of those along the affected street. Those who seek the calming must first submit a completed Community Action Request (CAR) and petition signed by persons representing at least 51% of the homes on the street to be calmed.

City staff then review the application and score the calming request based on certain criteria as described in the project summary.

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Speed limit 25 sign

When a request is determined to be eligible and has been assigned priority, a neighborhood meeting is scheduled. Residents consider potential traffic calming measures and reach a consensus as to which ones are desired. Staff then drafts a traffic calming plan, which affected property owners vote to accept or reject. Each household, business and non-resident property owner is entitled to one ballot. The plan is approved when 60% of the eligible ballots are returned favorable.

For more information, contract Traffic Engineer Bryan Roberts at 253-841-5542 or via email