Agriculture, Flood Plain, Design Review

City Initiated Code Amendment

Agriculture Overlay

The City is proposing amendments to Title 20 related to urban agriculture uses. This includes amending the following sections of the municipal code: PMC 20.50 Agriculture Overlay Zone; PMC 20.15 Definitions; PMC 20.20 Single Family Residential Zones; PMC 20.25 Multi-Family Residential Zones; PMC 20.35 Manufacturing Zones; and PMC 20.75 Home Occupations. In addition, amendments are proposed for PMC 8.08 Keeping of Fowl and Domestic Animals, to modify or add regulations related to fowl and.

Floodplain Overlay

Following amendments earlier this year to PMC 21.07 Flood Damage Protection, in compliance with FEMA regulations, the City is proposing removal of the existing Floodplain Overlay zone, which will include repeal of PMC 20.49 Floodplain Overlay Zone in its entirety.

City Initiated Map Amendment

Zoning Overlays: Agriculture, Floodplain, River Road – Design Review Overlay

In consistency with the above-noted code amendments, the City is proposing amendment to the zoning map. This proposal includes modification of the Agriculture Overlay and removal of the Floodplain Overlay. Additionally, the City will correct a mapping error related to the River Road – Design Review Overlay. This overlay was recently revised and renamed the Mixed Use – Design Review Overlay, maintaining the applicable code section PMC 20.52. However, the designation on the map was not properly identified to reflect that revision. That designation will be corrected on the map at this time.

  1. Katie Baker, AICP

    Planning Manager
    Phone: 253-435-3604