Salary & Benefits

Salary Information

$7,085-$9,446/mo  (2023)

Additional salary incentives and premiums are offered for: 

  • Associate's Degree (or 90 quarter/60 semester credits) - 2% incentive
  • Bachelor's Degree - 4% incentive
  • Longevity Pay Premium
    • 5 years - 1%
    • 10 years - 3%
    • 15 years - 5%
    • 20 years - 7%
    • 25+ years - 10%
  • Detective - 5% - 7.5% premium
  • K9 Officer - 3% premium
  • TRT Member - 3% premium
  • School Resource Officer - 3% premium
  • Motor Officer - 3% premium

Benefit Information

Paid Leave: Vacation leave, sick leave, and holiday provisions are determined through collective bargaining for affiliated employees.  Collective Bargaining Agreements can be found on the Human Resources website. Currently, regular, full-time City employees receive 8 hours of sick leave per month and 12 holidays per year, and vacation days are earned at the rate designated by city policy or collective bargaining agreement.

Retirement: Puyallup Police Officers are mandatory members of the State of Washington Law Enforcement Officers’ and Firefighters’ Retirement System (LEOFF). Employees and the City jointly contribute to the plan.

Group Insurance: Currently, full-time, regular-status employee benefits include City paid medical, dental, and vision coverage for employees and their dependents, plus life and long-term disability insurance coverage for employees.

Equipment: Officers are assigned a take-home patrol car, Glock pistol, AR-15 rifle, portable radio, laptop computer, and all uniforms are provided.

Deferred Compensation: The City will match officer's contributions to qualified deferred compensation plans up to 4% of the base wage.