Planned Development Re-Zones

The City has rezoned several neighborhoods from their current single-family zone, to a different single-family zone. All of the neighborhoods that have been rezoned include a planned development which establishes a perpetual agreement with the city outlining development standards (eg. max building height, building setbacks from property lines etc.) within the boundaries of the planned development. These development standards supersede the zoning of the parcels within the planned development.  

It is the city's intent to remove the Planned Development zones from the city's zoning map by rezoning these neighborhoods to another comparable single-family residential zone. Since all of the neighborhoods already include an approved planned development, the Planned Development zones are redundant and burdensome to those property owners outside of the boundaries of the approved planned development. 

This rezone will provide a streamlined avenue for future development of those parcels outside the planned developments. Before this rezone, properties that were zoned PDR or PDC but which were outside the boundaries of an approved planned development, had to write their own planned development standards (such as setbacks from property lines or max building height) and have it approved at a public hearing. By rezoning these properties to another single-family zone, this step is no longer required. This will make obtaining a building permit for construction (such as additions to existing homes, building of garages or new porches) much simpler for these property owners. 

Rezoned Neighborhoods

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