May 2017

Emergency Management Activities

The City’s Hazard Mitigation Committee is working diligently to update the City’s Hazard Mitigation Plan and making great progress. Future meetings will focus on updating the infrastructure information and hazard mitigation strategies. Additionally, public presentations were made in May focusing on volcano awareness and psychological first aid. 

There were approximately 100 citizens at the Activity Center to hear two Volcanologists provide information on Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens. They spoke on the history of both mountains and their impact on the local region as well as current efforts to monitor their activity. 

Several chaplains from the Washington Community Chaplains Corps provided information to over 30 people on Psychological First Aid. The session was conducted at the Puyallup Public Library and highlighted the effects of stressors that occur after emergency or disaster situations and how to understand and cope better.

Emergency Management also sponsored a presentation on pet preparedness on June 13th from 6:00 – 7:30 PM at the Puyallup Public Library. The presentation was conducted by WASART (Washington State Animal Response Team) on how to effectively prepare your pets for disasters.

South Hill Mall Lift Station (2014-054)

The existing sewer pump station located on the South Hill Mall property is failing rapidly and work to replace it is scheduled to begin the week of June 12th.  Approximately 1,100 linear feet of deep (over 20 feet deep) 8-inch gravity sewer pipe will be installed to remove the existing sewer pump station from service. Once complete, the new gravity main will be within an easement crossing the South Hill Mall property and the lift station will be abandoned.

Pitch, Hit and Run Sectional Event

The Pitch, Hit and Run sectional took place at the Puyallup Valley Sports Complex fields on May 13th. The top performers from events held in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska were invited to participate in this event. Forty-one athletes participated, the weather held out, and everyone had a great afternoon! The top performers will move on to the finals to be played after a select Mariners Game at Safeco field.

Good Samaritan Hospital: A Decade Later

In June of 2007, shortly after Good Samaritan Hospital completed an affiliation with MultiCare, the Puyallup City Council approved the Good Samaritan Master Plan. That Master Plan was a detailed blueprint for major capital projects expected to occur at the Good Samaritan campus in the subsequent decade. Now, in 2017, that Master Plan will expire at the end of June. It is interesting to look back at the significant physical improvements which have occurred around the hospital under that City-approved Master Plan: 

  • Construction of the eight-level, 270,000 square foot Patient Care Tower. Development of this state-of-the-art care facility propelled Good Samaritan from a community hospital into one of the busiest medical centers in the region. Building permits are now under City review for occupancy of the upper two floors of the Patient Care Tower; the remaining unused portion of the building. 
  • Major upgrades and repurposing to the original Good Sam Hospital building, which remains a key part of the medical center.
  • Construction of multiple parking areas and other ancillary support uses around the hospital campus. This includes street upgrades and other public infrastructure work in the vicinity. 
  • Development of accessory medical office space, including the large medical office building at 5th Street SE-15th Street SE. 
Equally significant is the amount of private investment which has occurred in the vicinity during this Master Plan tenure. Several private medical buildings have been constructed and/or upgraded in that immediate area, with more currently proposed. As the 2007 Master Plan sunsets, the City continues to work with MultiCare/Good Samaritan to assist in their ongoing facility projects. 

Cirque du Soleil

The Puyallup Activity Center organized a trip to Marymoor Park to enjoy the famous Cirque du Soleil show, Luzia.  Cirque du Soleil performs many different shows around the world, but Luzia transported our participants to an imaginary Mexico.  Throughout the performance our seniors experienced a wondrous show that inspired them to explore their senses.  One of the many highlights of this show featured a large rainfall from the top of the tent sprinkling down and leaving the stage flooded in pools of water. 

Cirque du Soleil takes the audience’s imagination to places never dreamed. Cirque du Soleil is an amazing show that keeps your attention and provides memories that will last a lifetime.

Clarks Creek Elodea Management

Management of excessive elodea in Clarks Creek has been an annual project for Puyallup, with financial partnership from Pierce County, for over 20 years. Hand removal of the plant by contracted diver’s will occur June 1st - August 4th this year. The contract was awarded to Aqua Dive Services, LLC at the May 23rd Council meeting. The Diver-Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH) project will include removal of elodea from DeCoursey Pond this season, to support the effort to reduce the overall volumes of elodea in the creek.

Daily updates will be posted to the project webpage

Summer Softball

Registration for the Adult Summer Softball Leagues opened May 15th. Two leagues are already filled and the rest are filling fast! Registration ends June 25th with games starting the week of July 16th.

Permeable Streets Project

Following utility replacement work necessary on 14th & 15th Street PL. NW, just south of 4th Avenue NW, the City is restoring the roadway while creating on-site stormwater management. The two cul-de-sac roadway sections are being replaced with pervious concrete and porous asphalt to create stormwater management and address seasonal localized roadway flooding events as well as support water quality improvements through the application of green stormwater infrastructure. The use of pervious concrete and porous asphalt in these two locations will provide an on-site example of the durability of the two pavement types using the City's most recent specifications which include strengthening fibers for each. Long-term maintenance and performance of these pavements will provide information to the City on application for future projects. For additional information on permeable streets, please visit our website.

Camp Yougottawanna – Summer Day Camp Program

Registration for Puyallup’s summer day camp program is currently open and camp starts June 26th. Camp Yougottawanna is Puyallup Recreation’s long-running and extremely popular summer camp for kids ages 5-13.  All but one week of this 10-week program is already full with kids on wait lists. The campers will have a fun-filled, active summer with scheduled field trips to: Henry Moses Aquatic Center, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, Bullwinkles Family Fun Center and much, much more!

9th & River Road Safety Improvements (2014-043)

This project will expand the City’s adaptive signal improvements to include signals along River Road from Meridian to 11th and on 9th Street SW from 31st to 39th Avenue SW. Staff anticipates receiving approval to move the project into construction phase from WSDOT soon. Assuming that goes well, we hope to be out to bid by the end of July.

Prescription Drug Take Back

The Puyallup Police Department sponsored a prescription drug take back event on April 29th from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. PPD collected approximately 96 lbs. of prescription narcotics that may have otherwise found their way into our water supply or used for illicit purposes.

Van Lierop Park Master Plan 

Master Planning for the Van Lierop Park has received great interest and feedback from the community. The City has held two public open houses and hosted online surveys to gather input from Council, the public, the Park and Recreation Board, recreation groups, sports organizations, conservation groups and neighboring properties. Programming elements such as field space, landscape, historic contribution to the site, recreation activities, restrooms and parking are amongst many considerations.

Planning will continue into the summer with final selection of activities that will be programmed in the park layout, phasing plan, environmental review and traffic impact study. 

Visit the project webpage to learn more and watch for new updates.
Pioneer Park Pavilion
Pioneer Park Pavilion was once again the site for the Puyallup Memorial Day Remembrance Ceremony that was held on May 28th.  This annual event has become a Puyallup tradition thanks to the tireless efforts of Larry Heires and Jack Taylor of Puyallup VFW Post 2224.
Heires and Taylor
This year, Rogers High School Wind Ensemble and Ferrucci Junior High String Ensemble provided patriotic music and the featured speaker was Lourdes E. “Alvie” Alvarado-Ramos, Director of Washington State Veterans Affairs. The beautiful weather and the long holiday weekend brought out close to 500 attendees to observe this moving event
Additionally, the nationally acclaimed NW Sinfonietta held their final show of the 2016-2017 season at the Pioneer Park Pavilion on May 21st. The Sinfonietta continues to be a very popular concert series here at the Pavilion and the last show of the season was phenomenal! The dates for the 2017-2018 season were recently announced and are schedule for Sundays, October 8 and November 12, 2017, February 25, March 18, and June 10, 2018.

Also in May, the Pavilion hosted the Saturday Farmers Market, a two-congregation combined church service, a fundraising event, a graduation party, the Rogers HS JROTC Awards Ceremony, the Spanaway Lake High School Prom, United Way’s Varsity Volunteer Letter Event, and six beautiful weddings & receptions! 

Lisa Isaacs Recognized by South Hill Rotary

Puyallup Police Department Crime Prevention Coordinator Lisa Isaacs was awarded the South Hill Rotary's Community Vocational Recognition Award in the category of Government Service on May 11th at Pierce College.  

With these awards, Rotary seeks to recognize individuals contributing to excellence in four different vocational fields, promoting positive social action in the community, mentoring community members, and enhancing the image of their vocation. Ms. Isaacs was recognized for her passion and dedication to crime prevention in the Puyallup community. Congratulations Lisa!

Beginning Stretching and Strength Training

The Puyallup Activity Center has implemented a new fitness program titled, “Beginning Stretching and Strength Training.” The one hour class is offered on Mondays and Fridays and is a great resistance training program to help maintain healthy bone mass and prevent age-related muscle loss. In short, the benefits of this program help the participants perform everyday activities like climbing stairs and getting out of a chair with greater ease and with less risk of falling. The enhanced freedom of movement gained from this class can have a considerable impact on quality of life. The instructor, Charles Brass, is a Physical Therapist and is certified as a Master Fitness Trainer from the US Army.  Charles is currently working as an intern at the Puyallup Activity Center and is very enthusiastic about sharing his unique talents in the health and fitness arena.  

Test Your Stormwater Know-How 

Do you know where storm drains lead to? City of Puyallup residents can test their stormwater knowledge by taking Puyallup’s stormwater monthly online quiz. Every month highlights a new stormwater topic with a new give-away prize for taking the quiz. This activity supports our NPDES Stormwater Permit education and outreach requirements. 

To learn more about Puget Sound and stormwater-friendly activities, visit the Puget Sound Starts Here website. You can also track stormwater from your home to Puget Sound on this Pierce County webpage.

Clarks Creek Stabilization Project (Pr05 & Pr06)

The Clarks Creek Sediment Reduction Plan identifies various projects within the Clarks Creek Watershed that would provide a reduction in sediment loading to the creek, in support of the Clarks Creek Sediment and Dissolved Oxygen TMDL. As part of the City’s NPDES Stormwater Permit, implementation of the activities outlined in the TMDL become requirements for the city. Listed as projects Pr05 and Pr06 in the Plan, the in-stream stabilization projects provide the largest reduction in sediment loading to the creek of all 23 identified projects. Based on modeling of limited data, Pr05 and Pr06 will collectively reduce sediment loading by 133.4 tons per year and provide the highest sediment-reduction-per-dollar-spent value.

In partnership with the City, the Puyallup Tribe funded the project to 90% design. The 2015 Council-approved Stormwater Capital Budget included funding to construct the two projects. The $3.1M funds allocated to this project are rewarded with not only local environmental improvements and a reduction in negative down-stream sedimentation impacts but also serves to meet a significant percentage of the City’s TMDL obligation. Visit the project webpage for more information. 

The project is expected to go out for bids early in 2018. 

Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor

On May 8th, the Puyallup Activity Center coordinated an excursion to the Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor at the Pacific Science Center. Due to the popularity of this trip, this was the Center’s second visit to this exhibit. Upon arrival, the trip-goers watched an IMAX documentary, Mysteries of China, that captures the great archeological discoveries in modern times. This was a great segue into the exhibit featuring larger than life statues from the first imperial dynasty of China (more than 2,000 years ago). The exhibit featured figures from the Terracotta Army and artifacts that were to protect Emperor Qin’s 20 square-mile burial site. The army consisted of thousands of figures, including warriors, horses, and chariots. The terracotta warriors were discovered in 1974 near the city of Xi’an and this is the first time the exhibit has visited Seattle.

WPCP Flood Protection (2014-053)

This project is the third and final project to protect the Water Pollution Control Plat from flooding. This phase upgrades the remaining electrical systems around the treatment plant as well as any miscellaneous items that need vertical adjustments to keep them operable and accessible in a 100yr flood event. This project is being funded through a reimbursable grant from the Pierce County Flood Control Zone District. Bid opening is scheduled for June 22nd. 

WSU LID Frontage Improvements Project

In support of the City’s NPDES Stormwater Permit the WSU LID Frontage project provides various benefits for the City and community. The project serves as an optimal setting for a large-scale ‘live’ demonstration Low Impact Development (LID) site - highlighting WSU’s forefront research on LID and the City’s embracing of LID and stormwater management. The project will widen the roadway sections, construct sidewalks and bicycle paths, and remove impervious surfaces to replace them with permeable pavements. The project will incorporate elements for stormwater control to the maximum extent feasible including porous asphalt, pervious concrete, and bio-retention facilities. 

The WSU LID Frontage project is divided into five phases. The largest phase, phase 4, was sub-divided into phases A, B and C to accommodate available funding sources. Phases currently underway include Phase 1: designed in 2014 with funding from an Ecology stormwater grant and to-be constructed in 2018 through a competitively-awarded construction grant, also from Ecology. Phase 4A and 4B: both designed with 100% grant funds from Ecology and Commerce. Phase 3: necessary improvements to the intersection to accommodate the new lane configurations and update signalization to current ADA and technology standards. Watch for updates on the project webpage

Bradley Lake Goat Vegetation Management Project

The City of Puyallup has undertaken a new vegetation management project at Bradley Lake Park. As of May 23rd the Parks Department has enlisted the help of some special four-legged friends. Goats have been munching their way through selected areas of the park to remove invasive plants as part of Invasive Plant Month.  This pilot program - the first of its kind in Puyallup Parks - will determine if goats can be effective in removing and helping control the spread of invasive plants within our City parks.
Goats are known to eat just about any plant including a good selection of invasive plants such as English Ivy, Scotch Broom and blackberry bushes. When it comes to clearing unwanted foliage, goats can provide an ideal alternative to machines and herbicides. Before and after pictures show just how efficient goats can be! 
Bradley Lake Goats
Bradley Lake Before
Some Advantages of Using Goats:

  • Eco-Friendly, Green & Sustainable
  • Low impact on the environment
  • Goats can go where people or machinery cannot go easily or safely
  • They eat an enormous amount of the biomass reducing or eliminating the need for hauling debris offsite
  • They sterilize the weed seed in the digestive process
This pilot program is being coordinated with Rent-A-Ruminant, a local company that provides vegetation management.  Rent-A-Ruminant staff are onsite to oversee the project.  Park users can observe the 80-100 goats in action but please do not approach the goats.  Just a few rules to observe while viewing the goats:

  • Do not approach or touch goats
  • Do not touch the Electric Fence, which is in place to keep our 4-legged friends in a contained area
  • All dogs must be kept on a leash
For questions about the project please contact the Puyallup Parks and Recreation Department at (253)841-5561.

Christopher & Banks Fashion Show

Senior Fashion Show
On May 11th, the Puyallup Activity Center coordinated a special senior fashion show.  The senior models (primarily consisting of senior center receptionists and special event volunteers) were escorted down the runway by the Honorable Mayor John Hopkins. The clothing was provided by Christopher & Banks and CJ Banks, stores that emphasize quality, affordable clothes and of course the latest trends. The senior models strutted their stuff in all the latest styles to the delight of the crowd.  

Development Services

Over the past month, City Development Review staff have held pre-application meetings with the proponents of the following possible new development projects: 

  • The establishment of a new downtown coffee shop, also to include beer and wine sales, proposed for a storefront tenant space at 115 W. Meeker. 
  • A major senior housing complex in the vicinity of 12th Avenue SE-13th Street SE. As proposed, the 75 senior units would be contained within a multi-story building with accessory site improvements. 
  • A new farm-oriented children’s attraction at the Washington State Fair involving multiple small structures and associated site work within the Fair’s “Sillyville” area. 
  • A 27-room, three-story addition to the existing Hampton Hotel at 1515 S. Meridian. With the acquisition of the adjacent parcel the hotel’s owner is proposing an expansion of their existing building footprint into that new area. 
  • A new 45,000 square foot office/industrial building, proposed for a vacant industrial site in the 500 block of Valley Avenue NW. 

Welcome New Engineering Staff

The City of Puyallup recently hired two new employees to join the Engineering Department. 

Bryan Roberts joined the City as a full-time traffic technician in May. Bryan was providing services to the City under contract with CH2M in the same capacity before applying for the full-time position. 

Jason Little will be joining the Engineering Department on July 6th as an inspector.  Jason is coming to us from the private construction industry and brings extensive knowledge of construction with him. 

Welcome, Bryan and Jason!

Food Truck Frenzy 2017

Puyallup Recreation’s 2nd Annual Food Truck Frenzy event returns to Bradley Lake Park on June 24th from Noon to 6:00 PM.  Last year’s event blew us away with attendance near 7,000 people and 14 food trucks.  This year, there will be 17 food trucks at the park ranging from burgers and fish tacos to Vietnamese and Thai food.  Additionally, there will be bounce houses, yard games for the kids and a phenomenal lineup of performers throughout the event to keep the crowd entertained!  Join us for lunch or dinner and enjoy a great concert to top it off.  
Food Truck Frenzy

Welcome New Officer

The Puyallup Police Department welcomed Ofc. Kaleb Shelton-Johnson to the force on May 22nd. Ofc. Johnson comes to PPD after three years with the Chula Vista, CA Police Department. He grew up in the area graduating from Tacoma School of the Arts and attneded University of Puget Sound. Ofc. Johnson is excited to be back in the area and PPD is fortunate to be getting an officer of his caliber.