March 2017

Implementation of New Software

The City Clerk’s office is happy to report that it is has recently implemented two new software programs. NextRequest, which went live on January 3rd, is a progressive public records tracking system that is user-friendly for staff and the public. The Police Department Records Division and the Municipal Court are also using this new software. The second program that went live on March 27th, is called Granicus PEAK Agenda Management and is intended for preparation of City Council agendas as well as the City’s various Boards and Commissions. This program is very user-friendly and received positive comments from recently trained city staff. The programs offer significant improvements over the previous tracking and agenda systems, providing increased efficiency in many departments, and benefiting the entire city.

Aging with Grace

The Activity Center’s March monthly Wellness Program was titled “Aging with Grace”.  The workshop was presented by a local organization, Renewable Health, and the class discussed various methods of healthy aging while living out a life of full energy, vitality, and purpose. The instructor provided practical tools and resources, which may help older adults to turn back the clock by keeping a sharp mind, strong heart, and powerful and protective immune systems.

Spring Adult Sports

Adult Softball and Co-ed Volleyball spring season games started April 2nd.   In total there are 60 softball teams registered for eight leagues, which includes men’s, women’s and co-ed divisions of play.  There are 15 co-ed volleyball teams registered for two leagues. 

Mobile Fingerprint Identification

The Puyallup Police Department is piloting a project with the King County Regional Automated Fingerprint Identification System to deploy handheld mobile fingerprint devices. The Mobile ID consists of a handled fingerprint device and software that allows officers in the field to run fingerprints against several databases when a subject’s identity is in question.
The process allows officers to quickly identify an individual and determine if they should be detained or released.  Fingerprints are generally returned within a few minutes of submittal. A return will contain the subject’s name and other identifying information. The use of Mobile ID is expected to reduce the number of instances in which individuals use another’s name to avoid a ticket or other criminal action. The Puyallup Police Department and the Lakewood Police Department are the first departments outside of King County to utilize the devices. The Puyallup Police Department has already had several successful deployments of the technology.
Mobile Fingerprinting

Pioneer Park Pavilion

March was another busy month here at the Pavilion. Events included: A Craft Fair, the NW Sinfonietta, Multicare’s Spring Career Fair, Puyallup School District’s Before & After School Childcare Forum, AARP’s Medicare & Healthcare event, Pierce Conservation District’s Annual Meeting, a Quinceañera, an 80th birthday party and 4 beautiful weddings!  
Additionally, the Pavilion’s audio/visual system upgrade is now complete! The City contracted with Avidex to upgrade the system, which includes new can speakers from the ceiling (new speakers are to the left in the picture), a new wide-format projection screen, a new projector which will now be installed on the ceiling, and an upgrade on some existing speakers. We will also have the capability to control the A/V system using an iPad, which will allow Pavilion staff to zonally adjust the sound in the building depending on the type of event.
Pavilion Can Speaker


The Activity Center’s Woodcarving Group was recently featured on the Pierce County News Station. The story was reported by Pierce County TV Executive Producer Megan Hutton and the program presented various characteristics of the art/hobby Megan captured during her visit.   The feature allows viewers to see the senior’s vision of what a piece of wood can be and also includes various personal testimonies from the seniors, such as: “Wood carving can keep you both mentally sharp and relaxed and the same time”, “One is never too old to take up carving”, “It takes time and patience”, “Age is just a number”, and “Woodcarving is much more than a hobby and you can create something very special”.  The newscast runs daily at 7:30 AM and 7:30 PM and can be viewed on Comcast Channel - 22 / HD 522 and/or Rainier Connect - Channel 20.

Youth Baseball/Softball

Youth Baseball/Softball practices are currently underway. There are 49 teams registered to participate in the youth recreational program for boy’s and girl’s ages 5-12. There are currently 35 teams registered to play in the competitive baseball program for ages 12 -16. There are five teams registered to play in the girl’s competitive 12U fast pitch softball program.  Games get underway the week of April 17th.  

Puyallup St. Patrick’s Night Traffic Safety Emphasis Results

On March 17th, approximately fifteen officers from Puyallup PD and surrounding Pierce County law enforcement jurisdictions converged on Puyallup for a traffic safety emphasis.

During the emphasis, officers made 196 contacts, arrested 10 impaired drivers – four being under the influence of narcotics, issued 72 citations/infractions, applied for, and served five search warrants for blood draws. The blood draws were completed by Lakewood Police Department Phlebotomy Officers. This is a new program in the State of Washington that allows police officers who are certified to draw blood from arrestees. Officers must successfully complete Phlebotomy training and subsequent recertification. 

Summer Brochure

Parks and Recreation’s summer brochure is here! Registration for most programs (including Summer Day Camp) opened on April 10th. Swing by the Rec Center to pick up a copy of the brochure or visit our website: 

Development Services

Over the past month, City Development Review staff have held pre-application meetings with the proponents of the following possible new development projects: 

  • The establishment of a “CrossFit” training facility within an existing industrial space in the 2300 block of Inter Avenue. 
  • A major senior residential project on the currently vacant NE corner of 43rd Avenue SE-5th Street SE (i.e. diagonally across that intersection from the YMCA).  This proposal, from Affinity Senior Housing, would include approximately 160 senior residential units in a five-story structure.  The project would include a separate clubhouse and pool area, as well as ancillary parking and landscaping. 
  • A proposed new daycare center (aka “Kiwi Kidz Daycare”), in the 1600 block of 3rd Street SE, near the hospital.  
  • Sunrise Elementary School reconstruction. This proposal, from the Puyallup School District, involves constructing a new three-story elementary school within the sports field area adjacent to the current Sunrise Elementary School, located on 39th Avenue SE just west of Shaw Road.  Upon completion of the new school structure, the existing school buildings would be demolished and reconfigured parking and outdoor play areas would be established on the former school area.  The School District anticipates a permitting/construction project, which will allow the “new” school to open in fall of 2019.
  • A new four-lot single-family residential plat proposal in the 1800 block of 31st Avenue SW.     

Annual St. Patrick’s Day Party

The Puyallup Activity Center celebrated their annual St. Patrick’s Day Party on March 17th.  The room was full with seniors enjoying wonderful entertainment provided by “The Mid-Day Melody Men”, a group of men who sing songs in barbershop style and a repertoire based on recognizable songs from the era of “happy music” from years’ past.  As customary, a light lunch was served and delicious desserts were provided by our special sponsor, “The Meridian at Stone Creek”, served by our special guest of honor, Mayor John Hopkins.

Seattle Symphony

For many years, the Puyallup Activity Center has collaborated with the Seattle Symphony to offer Friday at the Symphony Matinees. Trip-goers have an opportunity to listen to a pre-concert lecture with the conductor and enjoy the concert. Each performance features a world-renowned soloist and the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.  The most recent adventure was held on March 31st, with Shostakovich’s monumental Symphony No. 11 reaching back from Soviet Russia to the explosive Revolution of 1905, and Rachmaninov’s final piano concerto reviving Old World grandeur.  

Hearing Examiner 

The City Hearing Examiner will hold public hearings for the following:

  • Wednesday, April 12th at 1:30 PM:  A conditional use permit (CUP) request for the conversion of an existing nonconforming use at 1217 13th Street SE.  That structure, located on a residentially zoned parcel, currently contains the Five12 youth volleyball clinic.  Under the requested CUP, the site use would change to the Diamond Sports youth baseball clinic.  No actual new construction is proposed under this CUP, only the conversion of the on-site commercial recreational use, which is considered nonconforming under the City’s zoning code.   City Planner Chris Beale (841-5418) is the case planner for this public hearing. 
  • Wednesday, April 19th at 9:30 AM:  An appeal of a City staff determination regarding the extent of allowable changes to a prior commercial building located at 1100 East Main.  That commercial building was mostly removed from the site by the property owner (Ruiz), who now wishes to reconstruct the original structure.  The owner is appealing a staff determination that the building’s reconstruction must be consistent with all current zoning and construction codes.  City Planner Rachael Brown (770-3363) is the point of contact for this session.     
All Hearing Examiner hearings are held in the City Council Chambers on the 5th Floor of the City Hall (333 S. Meridian) and are open to the public.  

Trip UW Seismology Lab

Puyallup Activity Center participants went to the University of Washington's Seattle Campus to enjoy a Seismology tour and get their questions answered about earthquakes.  The University of Washington Seismologic Center, tracks earthquakes all around Western Washington and can view earthquakes from around the world.  Our trip-goers learned the difference between the source zones and Plate Tectonic Theory, and how those processes have formed the western margin of North America (more specifically Western Washington).  After finishing the tour, our group ended in the space where news journalists report from when an earthquake has occurred.  Although Mount Rainier blows her top every 300-500 years, the last eruption was 312 years ago; however, there are no indications of her blowing anytime soon.

UW Seismology Tour

2017-2018 Toddler Campus Preschool Registration

Registration for the 2017-18 school year of Toddler Campus Preschool opened on March 27th.  Toddler Campus Preschool offers 20 spots in the Preschool class for 3-4 year olds and 40 spots in the Pre-K classes for 4-5 year olds.  This program prides itself on preparing students to successfully enter Kindergarten by meeting or exceeding Kindergarten education expectations as well as a general understanding and comfort in a classroom environment.  Students learn how to be great students as well as model citizens with their classmates and teachers.  Our teachers have years of experience and, most importantly, are extremely dedicated to making sure the children inside the classroom learn and grow as successful students.  Parents can pick up registration packets online  or at the Recreation Center.
Preschool Student