SR 167 Extension Project

2021 Update: The State Biennium 2021-23 budget keeps the previous funding and delivery schedule assumptions for the gateway project intact. This includes the full Single-Point Urban Interchange connection at Meridian and SR 167. Also included in the budget, is preliminary engineering and environmental documentation for the Puyallup to Tacoma train in the amount of $2.3 million dollars. For the latest information please visit WSDOT's project website.

 2019 Update: 
The Washington State Legislature authorized acceleration of this project, which will shorten the timeframe for its funding and construction by three years.  

 2018 Update: The Legislature agreed to fund the design and engineering of a full SPUI at the future SR 167/Meridian/Valley Avenue interchange when SR-167 is extended between Meridian and I-5. 

Project Summary

 In 2015, the Puget Sound Gateway Program was approved by the Washington State Legislature for the purpose of completing SR 167 in Pierce County and SR 509 in King County. The combined total cost of the two highway extensions is $1.9 billion, which includes a $130 million local match ($70 million of which is specific to the SR 167 project).

Here in Pierce County, the program will build the remaining four miles of SR 167 between Meridian in Puyallup and I-5. The expected date of completion is 2030.

At this time, the State is deciding which of two options will be built at the SR 167/Meridian/Valley Avenue interchange. Those scenarios are shown below. "Scenario 2C" envisions a half Single Point Urban Interchange or SPUI. "Scenario 2E," the City of Puyallup's preferred option, shows a full SPUI at this location.

The City of Puyallup will continue to advocate for a full SPUI at this interchange in the interest of truly improving safety and reducing congestion along local roads in the surrounding area. Although construction will not begin for some number of years, this design decision will be made soon so necessary right-of-way acquisitions can proceed.

A full SPUI will facilitate traffic movement to a much greater extent than a half SPUI. Those interested in this important issue are invited to contact WSDOT and your State elected officials (information below) to communicate your thoughts and concerns.

For more information please go to WSDOT's website

SR 161_SPUI_2C MOD 4-7-17
SR 161_SPUI_2E 4-7-17


John White, PE

Puget Sound Gateway Program Administrator

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State Senator Chris Gildon (25th District)

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State Representative Kelly Chambers (25th District)
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State Representative Cyndy Jacobsen (25th District)
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