Paws on Patrol

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of dog walkers throughout the community at all times of the day, all days of the week and in all weather conditions, who are preoccupied with texting, chatting and listening to music during their neighborhood walks. Why not use this time to be aware of activity in your neighborhood? You and your best friend can be extra eyes and ears for police by reporting criminal and suspicious activity, people and cars. 

Paws on Patrol is a crime awareness program that is part of the National Association of Town Watch - Dog Walker Watch. The program encourages dog walkers nation-wide to serve as extra eyes and ears for local law enforcement agencies in their ongoing crime prevention efforts. 
paws on patrol
Sign up for the Paws on Patrol program by filling out the registration form located on the back panel of the brochure (click here for printable brochure) or stop by the lobby counter at the Puyallup Police Department.

For more information on the Paws on Patrol program, contact Keriann Cockrell, Crime Prevention Coordinator, by calling (253) 841-5531 or

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Partner with us for a safer community!