Background Information on Van Lierop Park

In December 2015, the City acquired 18 acres of historic farmland to be developed into Van Lierop Park. The property is located in the East Valley area of Puyallup, east of Shaw Road and north of Pioneer Avenue. This location is one of the few remaining areas within the City that could be developed into a community park with space to potentially include multiple sports fields. Adjacent properties are currently under contract for large commercial warehouse development.

Recreational opportunities envisioned for Van Lierop Park include one or more multipurpose lighted athletic fields for youth and adult sports as well as the extension of the Riverwalk Trail. This project has been supported by local community groups such as Friends of the Riverwalk, Puyallup Parks Foundation, Puyallup Parks, Recreation & Senior Advisory Board, Puyallup/Sumner Chamber of Commerce, and Kiwanis Club of Puyallup.

The scope of this project includes development of a Master Plan document to identify the specific components of the park, outline a phasing plan for design and construction, and research funding opportunities. Conceptual planning discussions have suggested that Van Lierop Park could include one or more lighted multi-use sports fields, trail system, playground, parking, restroom facilities, and other park amenities. Design and development of a construction-ready plan for the first phase of the park will be completed under this contract work. Phase 1 is expected to include the new link of the Riverwalk Trail.