Age-Friendly City

In 2016, Puyallup became the first city in the state of Washington to receive an AARP/World Health Organization “Age-Friendly City” designation.

In receiving this distinction, Puyallup has committed to optimizing opportunities for people of all ages. We’ll do this by promoting safe and walkable streets, easy access to health care and other services, an array of housing and transportation options, and ways for residents to become and stay involved in the community. Read our official Age-Friendly City Action Plan for details.

Learn more about how we are performing on the Plan by reading our 2023 Progress Report.

Why do this? It’s simple: When we help our older citizens stay healthy and active, we help them stay healthy and active in the lives of their families, neighbors and fellow community members. In order to continue being the great city we’ve been since 1890, we need to pay attention to the myriad of environmental, economic and social factors that influence the physical, mental and emotional well-being of all our citizens—children, youth, adults and seniors alike.

Across the nation, cities and towns representing more than 58 million people have joined the AARP network of Age-Friendly communities since its launch in 2012. The network operates under the auspices of the World Health Organization’s Age-Friendly Cities and Communities Program.

Age-Friendly Services in Puyallup

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Trackside Storage 4 generations of PHS grads

Four generations of Puyallup HS graduates: Arnold Christensen, Ken Christensen, Tina Christensen DeVries and Bethany & Lacey DeVries. Photo courtesy of Thomas and Destiny Ostrander, owners, Trackside Storage.