Puyallup Is A Bee City

In 2017, Puyallup was the second city in the state of Washington to receive an official "Bee City" designation from Bee City USA, a not-for-profit organization committed to developing and maintaining sustainable habitats for pollinators such as native bees and honey bees.

Why Become A Bee City?

Crops in the Puyallup Valley such as berries, pumpkins, tomatoes, and apples are produced in part by the natural pollination activity of bees. By receiving a Bee City designation, Puyallup will help further a healthy and vibrant ecosystem and food supply system, which in turn will benefit our local and regional economies. The purpose of becoming a Bee City is to support and encourage bee and other pollinator-friendly habitat creation and enhancement on both public and private properties. A healthier pollinator population means a healthier ecosystem and community. Read more about Puyallup's commitment as a Bee City.

What Do We Do As A Bee City?

Every year Puyallup submits an Annual Bee City Report - read on to see what outreach and community events we have participated in this last year! Annual reports are available at the beginning of each new year. Community events might include native plantings, invasive species removal, farmer's market events, and various volunteer opportunities. Each year the City is also committed to outreach and education through educational displays and books at our local library, social media posts and resources on our website. Check out how you can get involved!


How Can I Get Involved?

PNW Bumble Bee Atlas

Researchers are seeking citizen scientists to help determine the regional populations of the nearly 30 species of bees in the Pacific Northwest. Learn more about joining the PNW Bumble Bee Atlas on their website. Individuals and groups are encouraged to participate.

Better Pest Management Practices

Improve your pest management practices with these easy tips for ridding yourself of pesky pests while maintaining the health of our pollinators.

Create and Maintain Pollinator-Friendly Gardens & Habitats!

To learn what plants are best for Northwest pollinators, download the Northwest Region Pollinator Garden Planting Guide. Looking to maintain current natural landscaping? Learn more about what types of landscapes are important for pollinators through the Pollinator Partnership website.

Partner With Us!

Partner with the City of Puyallup to protect our most vulnerable pollinators. See a full list of endangered pollinator species. Have questions about our designation or how to get involved as a community member? Email Community Relations Coordinator, Erica Unruh.


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