Water Quality

The City of Puyallup currently obtains its drinking water from two natural springs, five deep wells, and an intertie with the City of Tacoma. Our springs produce 76% of our total supply, while our wells account for the remaining 24%. The Tacoma intertie accounts for less than 0.5% of our annual domestic drinking water.   99.6% of the City’s water is collected deep beneath the ground surface and is conveyed through sealed water mains into sealed storage tanks. The water never sees the light of day and has a very low probability of contamination.

We work hard to ensure public health, enhance quality of life, support the region’s economy and protect natural resources. Our staff takes pride in supplying you and your family with safe, reliable drinking water.

Your ongoing support helps us continue to improve water quality and the service we provide.

Take a moment to review our most recent Water Quality report also known as the Consumer Confidence Report.

Exceeding Federal Regulations

Federal rules require that we test our water supply for more than 80 regulated contaminants and more than 50 unregulated chemicals, even if they do not exist in our water.

We take weekly samples from our water system to check for bacteria and chlorine residuals. Washington State Department of Health (DOH) rules also require us to take 40 samples per month.

DOH frequently inspects our operations and suggests ways to improve. Reliable operation and treatment are always their most critical concern. Our water must meet or exceed the highest standard or we will not send it to you. 

Contact Us

For more information about water quality, call us at (253) 841-5524 during regular business hours. If you have a water quality concern after hours or on a weekend, please call us at (253) 320-4762.