Is there lead in my drinking water?

From time to time, the subject of lead in drinking water is raised as a concern in some communities. Although lead in drinking water is not now and has never been a concern in Puyallup—thanks to there being no known lead pipes or lead gooseneck service connections in our system—we do regularly conduct tests for lead according to federal guidelines.

These tests are conducted every three years on homes that contain copper pipes with lead solder. The most recent test, done in July of 2016, returned an average lead level result of 1.67 parts per billion (ppb), well below 15 ppb which is the highest level allowed in drinking water. Of the sampled homes, the large majority returned lead level results under 2 ppb. Similar results were obtained for the testing done in 2014, 2011, 2008, and 2005.

In addition, the city of Puyallup regularly inspects its source waters for lead and other contaminants, and all contaminants are consistently registered under the maximum levels allowed. That information is released to the public every year via our annual Water Quality Report.

The city is committed to delivering the highest quality water to its customers, and we take great care to comply with all state and federal regulations in accomplishing that objective. If you wish to have the water in your home tested for lead, you can contact either Water Management Laboratories at 253-531-3121 or Spectra Analytical Inc. at 253-272-4850; the cost per residence is $25.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments, please call our public works department at 253-841-5505.

Salmon Springs 2016
  Salmon Springs: The primary water source for the     Puyallup community since 1906.