Puyallup City Jail History

The City of Puyallup Jail was built in 1968 as a 21-bed facility. In 1993 the jail received a major remodel which included the addition of a vehicle sally port, recreation area, multi-purpose room, and office space. After the remodel, the jail was designated a correctional facility as defined by RCW 70.48. Currently, the jail operates as a fifty-one-bed adult misdemeanor facility (39 male and 12 female), that incarcerates people in custody for up to one year for each criminal conviction.
The jail is operated exclusively by the City of Puyallup Police Department and serves the Puyallup Municipal Court. As a result of being the only operational jail in Eastern Pierce County, the institution contracts correctional services with several local law enforcement agencies and municipal courts. To offset the cost of managing the jail, contracting agencies are charged a daily fee to incarcerate people in custody under their jurisdiction. At a cost to defendants, the correctional facility accepts local, regional, and out-of-state court commitments that have been ordered to serve their jail sentences locally.