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City of Puyallup

Silver Creek

Silver Creek Restoration

Puyallup has grown and expanded throughout its long history. With development, however, has come the displacement of various streams and creeks within our City, moving them from their natural creek beds, to ditches and culverts - making way for development.

In more recent years, stormwater management efforts have focused on stream restoration - correcting actions that removed streams and creeks from their natural channels. Through efforts led by the city of Puyallup Silver Creek, which once was ditched along 12th Ave SW and 11th Street SW, has since been returned to its natural stream channel in the northeast quadrant of 12th Ave and 11th Street SW.

The restoration did not stop with the re-channelization - since that time, ongoing restoration efforts on Silver Creek and its riparian zone have continued. Read more below about recent and past events focused on the stream's restoration.