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Porous Alley Initiative

Porous Alley Initiative


More than 60 of Puyallup's alleys are impervious gravel-paved surfaces - contributing to stormwater pollution runoff including sediment, oils, and more. The Porous Alley Initiative concept started with funding from a Department of Ecology Capacity grant, allowing for one gravel alleys to be retrofitted with porous asphalt. These retrofits reduced the volume of stormwater runoff and related pollutants as well as reduce annual maintenance requirements by City crews such as grading and re-graveling of the alleys.

Efforts of the Public Works Engineering Stormwater Division have secured additional grant funding to expand the program, and continue retrofitting gravel alleys in Puyallup's Clarks Creek and Puyallup River basins - supporting both stormwater management and water quality improvements.

Porous Alleys: 8th Ave NW is complete!