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City of Puyallup

Meeker Creek Restoration

As a result of decades of land development, Meeker Creek has been channelized into a man-made trapezoidal ditch that runs in an east-west alignment from near Fairview Drive and 10th Ave SW in Puyallup, to its confluence with Clarks Creek near 18th St SW. Large stretches of the creek are located on private property and are fully exposed with no riparian cover or shade. This exposure of the creek contributes to depressed levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) in Meeker Creek and, subsequently, Clarks Creek for which a DO Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) has recently been developed.

The Meeker Creek Riparian and Stream Restoration Project will remove 1,000 linear feet of the 4,385-foot Meeker Creek from the trapezoidal ditch and place it in a natural, meandering stream channel. This project will also restore over 100,000 square feet of riparian area while creating floodplain storage, as well as support the existing, adjacent (Wal-mart mitigation site) wetland. These efforts will help meet requirements for the City to support the DO and FC TMDLs including contributing to an increase in DO levels in the creek through a reduction in stream temperature as a result of the riparian cover, suppression of elodea growth, and through designed channel features that will provide oxygenation to the stream.