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City of Puyallup

Before and After Photos

8th Ave NW: Before-and-after

Gone are the puddles of standing water on the roadside because of the 100% infiltrating design that included a porous asphalt roadway, permeable paver and pervious concrete sidewalks, and rain gardens in the right-of-way. Deterred are cars from speeding because of the curvilinear shape of the roadway.

Look through the before-and-after comparison photographs below to see the transformation of Puyallup's first Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Street. Then visit the site yourself to see the changes in person (8th Ave NW, between 9th and 11th Street NW).

Comparison photographs showing 8th Ave NW before the GSI retrofit, and after the construction. The rain gardens at this time have not yet been planted, and are being covered with burlap to protect the soils from erosion until planting.