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City of Puyallup

8th Ave NW Rain Gardens, August 2009

August 2009 Rain Gardens Installation - 8th Avenue NW

Stewardship Partners organized and grant-funded the first City of Puyallup Rain Gardens installation along with the City Planning and Stormwater groups in August 2009. Community volunteers were organized through coordinated efforts of Pierce Stream Team. Seven rain gardens were installed for the lucky Puyallup homeowners. Ciscoe Morris, of Gardening with Ciscoe, was brought in to this event for media attention and publicity of the great community efforts and environmental demonstration and education project. Take a look at a mapping of these homes on Google Maps: Rain Gardens listings or view picutres on the Picasa album.

These lucky seven homeowners not only have beautiful gardens that are helping their yards as well as the environment, but this same block of 8th Avenue NW is currently under planning for an overall Low Impact Development Retrofit Project funded through a cost-share grant from Ecology. Take a look at the project brochure and webpage for more information.

Take a look at updated photographs of these beautiful, well established rain gardens one year after planting. Photos taken in September 2010.