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City of Puyallup

Rain Gardens to the Rescue

Puyallup's Rain Garden Program has educated hundreds of citizens on stormwater pollution prevention, green infrastructure techniques, and has disconnected millions of gallons of stormwater since its beginning in 2009.

Rain gardens are the main focus of this education and outreach program. These gardens are not just pretty landscape features, but are small stormwater facilities that collect, store and filter rain water and stormwater runoff  from your lawn, rooftop, sidewalk, driveway and other impervious surfaces. Designed as shallow, sunken planting beds with rain garden soil, runoff flows into them from nearby hard surfaces and connected downspouts from your house. Want to take a tour of rain gardens in Puyallup? Use our Google Map that shows locations of all our program installations. (Please admire private-property rain gardens from the street or sidewalk)

Rain gardens are relatively simple in design and setup. Read the Western Washington Rain Garden Handbook to learn more about the design, installation and simple upkeep of rain gardens in the Pacific Northwest climate. 

Puyallup's Rain Garden Program includes many green stormwater infrastructure elements that help manage stormwater where it falls including rain gardens, rain barrels, and permeable pavements. Read about one of our seven demonstration clusters around Puyallup by clicking links in the left hand column. 

Join the Program

Have you visited a rain garden in Puyallup? Ready to install one at your home? Participants in our cost-share program may install GSI at their home in cost-share with the City. Read more about this program or download the application if you are ready to go green and support water quality improvements in our City. For questions or more information, please contact Joy Rodriguez via email or phone: 253-841-5549.


Purpose of Puyallup's Cost-Share Rain Garden Program

Rain gardens manage stormwater on-site where it originates, rather than letting it flow into the storm drains.  While storm drains are designed to collect and carrying stormwater away, they do not treat the water in any form before it is channeled to our streams, lakes and rivers.

Puyallup's Cost-Share Rain Garden Program provides opportunities to homeowners to install GSI at their home,  reducing their impervious footprint in our watershed and helping to reduce stormwater runoff.

A Sound Foundation

Sixty-two!....is how many rain gardens that were installed in just the first four years of the City's Rain Garden Program after it began in 2009, laying the foundation for the now cost-share structured program. Look through the links for past demonstration cluster installations on the left, or view our Google map showing all the past program's rain gardens.

Landscape Contractors

Landscape Contractors that have not previously worked with the City in the Rain Garden Program are encouraged to learn about GSI and be added to our Pre-Approved Contractors list. To do so, first contact Joy Rodriguez via email or call 253-841-5549. Contractors will need to attend a GSI workshop, then meet to discuss additional aspects of the programs.