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Restaurant Industry

This industry has potential "hidden" environmental hazards and financial impacts business owners or managers may not be aware of. In addition, the industry tends to have a high employee turnover rate, and information is often lost in the turnover process.

Potential hazards for restaurants include:
  • Improper management practices for fats, oils, and grease (FOG)
  • Improper grease storage and management
  • Pretreatment device maintenance
  • Lack of spill preparedness
  • Improper washing practices outdoors
  • Improper maintenance of outdoor disposal areas
  • Improper fuorescent light disposal
Pretreatment Resources

Bryana Solis 
Business Outreach Specialist
(253) 770-3364, email

Recommended Best Management Practices


The following resources can be printed and posted as reminders for employees:

*Note: Waterproof posters are available. If interested, please contact Bryana Solis, Business Outreach Specialist.