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City of Puyallup

Flood Management

Flood control and planning is very important in our local community. There is much activity focused on the Puyallup River and flood control issues. City Staff and Council Members actively participate in many of these activities.

Pierce County is developing a Rivers Flood Hazard Management Plan that is now in the draft stage. The plan will guide the county's efforts to reduce damage from floods and channel migration, and protect public safety and habitat.

Scientific Investigations Report 2010

The USGS published a Scientific Investigations Report in 2010 regarding Channel-Conveyance Capacity, Channel Change, and Sediment Transport in the Lower Puyallup, White, and Carbon Rivers, Western Washington. 

In the absence of detailed sediment monitoring, the use of geomorphic principles, computer modeling, and an estimate of the volume of sediment from Mount Rainier can be used to generate a qualitative sediment budget for the Puyallup River network. Additionally, identifying sediment sources and sinks throughout the river network and predicting how these locations may change in time due to glacial retreat and larger hydrologic events would give a comprehensive understanding of the factors governing sedimentation. More importantly, such a geomorphic analysis would begin to answer the question of how the sedimentation rate might change through time in response to different climatic conditions. Furthermore, understanding how sediment is transported from high in the drainage basin to the lowland rivers offers important insight when explaining observations of geomorphic change downstream. ... View the full report.

Puyallup's Stream and River Gages
There are currently four active stream gages located within the city managed by USGS. Click through the links below to view data for the various locations.

Clarks Creek @ Tacoma Road - view real-time height, discharge rate and velocity

Puyallup River @ E Main bridge - view height, monitored seasonally: Oct 1st - April 30th

Puyallup River @ 5th Street bridge - view height, monitored seasonally: Oct 1st - April 30th

Puyallup River @ Puyallup (approx. 1 mile upstream from 66th Ave E bridge) - view real-time height and discharge rate
To learn more about flood management efforts, plans, and project click on the links below:

Puyallup River Executive Task Force

Pierce County Rivers Flood Hazard Management Plan

FEMA Model Ordinance