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City of Puyallup

How to Get Involved

How can you make a difference in Clarks Creek? Remember, the state that the creek is currently in is due to the sum of all individuals' actions. The same way, the creek can be returned to a balanced state through each individual's effort.

Friends of Clarks Creek is a local group aimed at citizen involvement and ownership of the creek.  For questions on how to get involved, upcoming riparian planting events, or questions on what to do with your streamside property, contact Ann Coon via email at friendsofclarkscreek@rainierconnect.com or by phone at (253)864-6042.

Friends of Clarks Creek - Plant and Protect

For information on how to be considered for our Rain Garden Program, contact Chris Beale via email at cbeale@ci.puyallup.wa.us or by phone at (253)841-5418.

Look through the web page links to the left to learn more ways you can do your part to help Clarks Creek, and the Puget Sound region!