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Puyallup Stormwater in the News and Community

Rain gardens, stream restoration, community events - it all makes great news articles. Read through the articles and links below for pastupdates and news coverage on various Puyallup Storwmater Management programs, events and activities. 
Past 2013 News, Articles, and Project Updates

Construction Time - 8th Ave NW LID Retrofit Project

Puyallup's highlighted and regionally recognized Green Stormwater Infrastructure Street is nearly complete! With only rain gardens left to plant (03/16/2013 event) construction work that began 10/16/2012 wrapped up early December 2012 on schedule. To read more about this amazing demonstration project, please visit the 8th Ave NW LID Retrofit project page.

2013 Clarks Creek Elodea Removal

After a successful Clarks Creek Elodea Task Force project, permitting is underway for the 2013 elodea removal season. This year Diver-Assisted Suction Harvesting is planned to address the 3-mile stretch of stream; using mechanical cutting only as a back-up when/if needed. Also planned for 2013 is a demonstration of the sediment removal (aka: Sand Wand) process. Permits are currently being submitted for both projects. Scheduling of the projects will be dependent upon the permit agency's responses. Read more about this project.

2013 Clarks Creek Elodea Management Bid Process

The bid opening for the 2013 elodea work was held 05/14/2013 at 2pm after a four week announcement period. The responsive low bidder is currently being determined. Bid tab will be posted soon. The contract will be presented to Council at t he 05/21/2013 meeting for consideration and award.