333 S. Meridian, Puyallup, WA 98371 - 253-841-4321

City of Puyallup

The Puyallup Police Department Traffic Unit is division of Operations. The Traffic Unit is comprised of a sergeant, two officers and a police support specialist. The primary responsibilies of the Traffic Unit is to enforce traffic laws, investigate collisions, enforce parking regulations, and assist motorists on all of the streets within the City of Puyallup.

Getting pulled over by a police officer can be a stressful and uncomfortable experience. Click here to view information to help you understand what to expect if you are pulled over by an officer. 

Radar Speed Trailer

Drivers approaching a Puyallup Police Department Radar Speed Trailer will see the posted speed limit displayed, as well as their speed as detected by the radar within the trailer. The trailer will also record the total number of vehicles and their average speeds during the times it is monitoring traffic. Click here to view past Radar Speed Trailer data.

Radar Speed Trailers are placed in locations throughout the city depending on history of motor vehicle accidents, requests from the public and frequent speeding citations. If you would like to request the Speed Trailer be placed in your neighborhood, you may make a request to the Traffic Unit by calling (253) 770-3354. Each request is evaluated by the traffic unit sergeant and granted based on need and availability.