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City of Puyallup

Why become a Puyallup Police Reserve Officer?

Citizens become Reserve Police Officers for two primary reasons. Many are interested in a law enforcement career. This position serves as an opportunity to explore and advance towards that career. Others are citizens who are otherwise employed and wish to volunteer within their community. Reserve policing is an exciting and meaningful way to give back and serve your community.

Do Reserve Officers get paid?

No. Reserve officers with the Puyallup Police Department are strictly volunteers and never will receive monetary compensation for their work as a police officer.

What equipment is provided by the department?

The police department will provide your badge, uniform, duty weapon and magazines, a radio, and ballistic vest. The reserve officer is responsible for all other items such as shoes, duty belt, handcuffs, key holder, glove pouch, etc. All equipment must meet department requirements.

What are the different levels of advancements in the reserve program?

 The Puyallup Police Reserve program has three levels of advancement.

  • A level 1 reserve officer is someone that is currently in the reserve academy.
  • Upon graduation from the academy the reserve officer enters our training program and becomes a level 2 reserve officer.
  • After one year of service or 400 training hours (whichever comes first) an officer can test for level 3 status. A level 3 reserve will be able to perform duties as a regular police officer without restrictions. Examples of duties that can be completed by a level three reserve include:
    • Completing prisoner transports without a full time officer working with them.
    • Conducting traffic control at accident scenes.
    • Standing by for tow trucks, parents, or other situations where an officer is needed, but is not likely to be placed in a confrontational situation.
    • Completing phone reports.
    • Taking reports in the field such as lost property, malicious mischief, runaway calls, animal complaints, and vehicle prowls.
    • Conducting traffic enforcement.

What is the minimum number of hours a Puyallup Reserve Officer must serve every month?

The minimum hours vary depending on what level the reserve officer is performing. The minimum number of hours is 16 hours of patrol duties per month. This does not include the required monthly training, meetings, court time, etc. Reserve officers are expected to work on Friday and Saturday nights when the need for additional officers are highest in the field. Reserve officers should also expect to work additional hours during the Puyallup Fair and Daffodil Parade. The minimum number of hours increases with each level of advancement in the program. For example, a level 3 Reserve Officer must provide a minimum of 20 hours of patrol service per month.

What if you want to become a full time officer?

Becoming a Reserve Officer is great way to get started. The amount of training and experience you will gain as a reserve officer is unlimited.

Do Puyallup reserve officers get civil service points when testing for entry level police officer?

Yes. Depending on your level and time in the program, a Puyallup Police reserve officer will get between 2.5% and 5% added to their score when testing as an entry level officer with the City of Puyallup. Please see the City of Puyallup Civil Service By Laws under chapter 7.1.7 for further details.

What do I need to know about the Reserve Academy?

All Puyallup Police reserves attend the reserve academy conducted by the Fife Police Department. This academy runs from early January to May each year.

The academy consists of approximately 330 hours of police related training. Since most reserve officers have full time jobs the classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6 pm-10pm and all day on Saturdays from 8 am-5 pm.

Attendance is required to graduate and receive a Reserve Police Officer Commission in the State of Washington. Students must be able to pass all written tests including the State Exam, an emergency vehicle operations course, firearms qualifications, defensive tactics, and practical mock scene scenarios.

If I complete the reserve academy would I have to still attend the regular academy if I was hired?

Yes. All full time police officers must attend the WSCJTC academy. However, most reserve officers find that the 770 hour full time academy is much easier due to their reserve officer training and academy attendance.