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City of Puyallup

Operations/Patrol Division

Puyallup Police Department Operations/Patrol Division


The mission of the Puyallup Police Department Operations Division is to protect the lives and property of all citizens. The Operations Division oversees patrol which also includes a designated traffic unit. The Operations Division dedicates its personnel and material resources to maintaining public order and safeguarding the individual and constitutional rights of all persons.

Captain Bob Thompson
Operations Division


For many years the PPD has placed great emphasis on "Community Oriented Policing" (C.O.P.). The C.O.P. philosophy is a commitment to fight crime with the interaction and partnership of the community. In addition to the C.O.P. approach the department has begun to place a great emphasis on proactive policing through the principles of "Problem Oriented Policing" or (POP).

The operations division has a four squad configuration, each squad working four twelve hour shifts with four days off on a rotating basis. Each squad has a sergeant who supervises seven patrol officers. The operations division also includes a designated Traffic Unit to monitor and respond to traffic issues within the city of Puyallup. The department has two tracking canines and one narcotics canine (K-9) to assist in the fight against crime.