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City of Puyallup

Criminal Investigations

Captain Ryan Portmann
Criminal Investigations Division

The Puyallup Police Department's Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for follow-up investigations on criminal allegations involving crimes against people, crimes against property, fraud, narcotics and juvenile crimes. Thousands of police reports that are written by patrol officers are referred to Criminal Investigations Division each year. Based each case’s solvability factors, they may be assigned to a detective for follow up. The division is divided into two sections, Major Crimes Unit and Special Investigations Unit. Each Puyallup detective carries a case load of 25-40 cases on average at any one time.

Puyallup Police Department Major Crimes Unit

The Major Crimes Unit is responsible for crimes against persons, which consists of homicide, robbery, kidnapping, rape, domestic violence, assault, child abuse and elder abuse. The unit is comprised of a sergeant and 4 detectives. In addition, MCU detectives are responsible for monitoring the registered sex offenders in the City, and making community notification when a Level II or Level III sex offender relocates.

Puyallup Police Department Special Investigations Unit

The Special Investigations Unit is responsible for property crimes (burglary, theft, arson, etc.), drug crimes, identity theft and fraud. It is comprised of a sergeant, 4 detectives, with an additional detective assigned to the regional narcotics enforcement task force, and a property and evidence technician. The Special Investigations Unit regularly conducts long-term operations to combat auto theft, thefts from vehicles and drug dealing.

A new website, www.CanYouID.me, has been created as a central warehouse for all Washington State police investigators to post photographs of people captured on video that they could not identify during their investigation.

Subjects depicted in these photographs are persons of interest, witnesses or potential suspects. Our hope is to have as many people as possible view the photographs on this website to assist us with the identification of these unknown persons.

Anyone who recognizes a person in a photograph can contact the investigating agency via email by clicking on that photograph. They can remain anonymous if they wish.