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Crime Reporting & Statistics

Crime Statistics

The Puyallup Police Department submits montly crime statistics to Pierce County's Neighborhood Crime Mapping database. The goal of neighborhood crime mapping is to reduce crime, the fear of crime, and to improve livability in Puyallup neighborhoods. By providing tools that help identify and track neighborhood crime, the community and the police can work together to develop effective crime prevention and problem solving strategies. These strategies can be targeted on problems before they develop into more serious situations requiring additional police services or that negatively influence livability in our neighborhoods.

Crime statistics can be searched by neighborhood or address and includes information on crimes varying from simple assault and burglary to violent crimes.

Click Here to be directed to Pierce County Neighborhood Crime Data

To report a crime that is currently in progress (or has just occurred)
or to report suspicious activity 
CALL 9-1-1

To report a crime that is not currently in progress, call the Puyallup Police Department at (253) 841-5415 to speak to an officer. At this time the Puyallup Police Department does not accept online or email reports of suspicious or criminal activity, call the police department if you have something to report.

Click here for more information on how to report a crime.

TIP LINE: If you have information about a crime that has previously occurred in Puyallup (that is not in-progress), please contact our 24 hour tip line (253) 770-3343. You can remain completely anonymous. To report a crime that is in progress or has just occurred, call 9-1-1, or the police business line at (253) 841-5415.