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City of Puyallup

Tues, 11/25 - 5:06pm: The Puyallup River has risen significantly today due to heavy rains. It is forecasted to crest around midnight tonight just below flood stage. Some low lying areas around the river are seeing the impacts of rising water levels. View the NOAA Puyallup River Forecast. Stay safe, avoid high water areas, and do not drive through standing water.  hide

Baseball Field Locations

EDGEWOOD PARK - 10909 24th St. E, Edgewood


CLARKS CREEK PARK NORTH (formerly DeCoursey Park) - 1800 block of 7th Ave SW, Puyallup


FRUITLAND ELEMENTARY - 1515 Fruitland Ave E, Puyallup
   (Backstop closest to parking lot)


KARSHNER ELEMENTARY 1328 8th Ave. NW, Puyallup
   (Please park in parking lot next to school building only)


LIDFORD BALLFIELDS - 6000 block of 44th Ave E, Tacoma
   (LIDFORD #1 - Large Dirt Field)
   (LIDFORD #2 - Small Dirt Field)

MAPLEWOOD ELEMENTARY – 1110 West Pioneer, Puyallup
   (Mplwd #1 - Larger field closest from school)
   (Mplwd #2 - Larger field farthhest to school)

MT. VIEW ELEMENTARY 3411 119th Ave. E, Puyallup

NORTHWOOD #1 - 9805 24th Ave. E, Edgewood
   (Lower Field & Upper Fields)

PRC (Puyallup Recreation Center)808 Valley Ave. NW, Puyallup
   (#1 - Lacey Field)
   (#2 - Kiwanis Field)
   (#3 - Morgan Field)

RAINIER WOODS - 2610 Cherokee Blvd, Puyallup

SAM PEACH PARK - 1621 10th Ave NW, Puyallup
   (#1 - Large field, dirt infield)
   (#2 - Small grass field closest to parking lot)
   (#3 - Small grass field farthest from parking lot)

   (#1 - Field closest to park entrance)
   (#2 - Field farthest from entrance)

WALKER HIGH SCHOOL - 5715 Milwaukee Ave E, Puyallup

WILDWOOD PARK - 1400 Block of 23rd Ave SE, Puyallup
   (WW #1 - field closest to entrance)
   (WW #2 - Field farthest from entrance)