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2014-2019 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan (PROS) Updates -draft now available for public review!


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Public Hearing: The Parks Advisory Board authorized the release of the public review draft on December 16, 2013. The Advisory Board held a public hearing on the draft on January 13, 2014. The Advisory Board unanimously elected to forward the draft PROS Plan to the City Council for adoption. The City Council will hold a public hearing on the recommended draft on February 4, 2014 during their regularly scheduled meeting. Public comments regarding the PROS Plan will be accepted by the City Council during that public hearing. Follow this link to view posted City Council agendas:

February 4, 2014 City Council Agenda 

You can also stay informed by emailing PuyallupParksUpdate@ci.puyallup.wa.us to become a part of the update email list; you will receive notifications of upcoming Parks Advisory Board meetings, outreach schedule and other exciting news related to the update process.

What is the Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan?
The PROS plan sets a vision and specific implementation steps needed for the future development of existing park facilities, development of recreational facilities and acquisition of new park and open space land city-wide.

Why are we doing this?
The Parks and Open Space Plan was last updated in 2008 and is due to be updated. The Parks and Open Space Plan is certified by the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO); the RCO and the Recreation and Conservation Funding Board (RCFB) are responsible for administering state grant programs which fund, among other many other things, park and recreation improvements at the local level.

How long is this process?
n order to remain eligible for grants available through RCO, the city must update its Plan and submit it to RCO by March, 2014. Public outreach on the PROS Plan update began in July, 2013 and will run through January, 2014. RCO plan certification lasts for a period of six (6) years.

What does this mean to me?
This update is your opportunity to help set the vision for your community and neighborhood park and open space/recreation system for the next six (6) years!
We hope you will remain involved throughout this 6-8 month process.

When does the process start?
The Parks and Senior Advisory Board – who is overseeing the update and will be making a final recommendation to the City Council on its adoption – held an Open House on July 25, 2013 to introduce the Park and Open Space Plan update to the community and gather feedback on the Plan. Two other open houses were held, one in September and one in November. A final open house will be held on Monday, January 13, 2014 starting at 3:30 p.m. at Puyallup City Hall (5th floor Council Chambers - 333 South Meridian).

Bradley Lake Park
Skateboard Park
Riverwalk Trail
Pioneer Park