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Military Family Support

Army Community Service (ACS) – Fort LewisBuilding 2140 Walter Hall Welcome Center
(253) 967-7166
1-877-272-7337 (After hours)

Military One Source 24-Hour Crisis Line: 1-800-342-9647

e-VETS Advisor (An interactive, online tool to assist Veterans, Service Members and their families and caregivers to quickly and easily navigate Web-based information on a variety of topics, including education, job training and employment.)

General Benefit Information:
The following resources can help answer questions about the benefits available to enlisted personnel, veterans and military families.
- Military One Source
- VA Puget Sound Services
- Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs

Transitioning from Active Duty
These links offer information for people leaving the military and transitioning to work in the private sector.
- Assistance for Returning Veterans
- Center for Women Veterans

Family Resources

The following links provide information about assistance available for the family members of active duty personnel and veterans.
- Operation Homefront
- Mothers of Military Support
- Support for Washington State National Guard families
- Military Spouse Career Center
- VFW Unmet Needs Program

Counseling and Mental Health Resources
These links provide information on PTSD and counseling resources available for veterans and those currently serving.
- Washington Veterans' Mental Health Counseling
- Index of PTSD Literature
- Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs PTSD Counselors
- Military Sexual Trauma Program
- Service Organization Links

Housing and Poverty Assistance
The following links provide information on housing assistance and other help available to veterans.
- National Coalition for Homeless Veterans
- County Veterans Coalition