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Domestic Violence Safety Plan - Protect Yourself

Plan Ahead

Develop a plan with your children
Arrange to have a place to go
Make copies of important papers and put them in a safe place
Have important phone numbers available
Pack and hide an overnight bag
Put aside money and spare keys
During an Incident
Call for help (911)
Get out if you can
Take important items listed above
At work, school, public places
Inform your work, daycare and schools
Change your daily routine
Plan ahead for unexpected contact with the abuser

In your house
Change locks, secure doors and windows
Arrange to have someone stay with you
Change your phone number and have it unlisted
Change PINS and passwords, especially for voicemail and bank accounts
Obtain a protection order
Notify trusted family and friends
If you can't leave
Avoid rooms with only one exit
Avoid the kitchen, bathroom, garage
Call for help (911)