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City of Puyallup

Plans, Codes, and Standards

Plans, Codes, and Standards

The following documents are used in the development process in the City of Puyallup. 
Comprehensive Plan

Puyallup's Comprehensive Land Use Plan is the guiding document or "blueprint" for how Puyallup will manage future growth and development over the next twenty years. The Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 1994, and is updated each year. 


Table of Contents

Chapter I         Foundations Element
Chapter II        Environment Element
Chapter III       Land Use Element 
Chapter IV       Housing Element
Chapter V        Community Character Element
Chapter VI       Transportation Element
Chapter VII      Utilities Element
Chapter VIII     Capital Facilities Plan and Appendix
Chapter IX        Downtown Revitalization Neighborhood Plan
Chapter X         Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan Element 
Chapter XI        West Hills Neighborhood Plan
Chapter XII       South Hill Neighborhood Plan Policies
Chapter XIII      River Road Corridor Plan

Comprehensive Plan: Future Land Use Map and Zoning Map  

Downtown Design Guidelines

The Puyallup City Council adopted Design Guidelines for downtown Puyallup. These Guidelines, along with the Puyallup Zoning Code, shape the form of structures and sites in the Central Business District (CBD) and CBD-Core zones in downtown Puyallup. The Design Guidelines present a clear set of objectives for improving pedestrian areas and the quality and diversity of building design in downtown Puyallup. Projects subject to these Guidelines are reviewed either administratively by City staff, or by the Puyallup Design Review Board.

Puyallup Municipal Code

For access to the Puyallup Municipal Code, please click here.

Shoreline Master Program

The City is in the process of updating its Shoreline Master Program. Click here for a copy of the adopted Shoreline Master Program.

Vegetation Management Standards

Click here for a copy of these standards and their Appendix.