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2013 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

2013 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

2013 Comprehensive Plan Map Amendments - Privately-Initiated

Recommendation by Planning Commission:
Randy Brown/Van Lierop Bulb Farm, Inc. - 33rd St SE/302nd St E - Denied

The City has received one privately-initiated application to amend the Comprehensive Plan in the 2013 cycle. This request pertains to two parcels to the west of 33rd St SE.

Applicant(s)/Property Owners:            Randy Brown
                                                          Van Lierop Bulb Farm, Inc. (property owners)

Site Address/Parcel Number:              33rd St SE & 302 Street E/Parcel #0420264000;



This application proposes a change to the Future Land Use map designation of two parcels in the Van Lierop Annexation Area, which was annexed effective January 1, 2012. The current land use designation is B/IP (Business/Industrial Parks) and the requested change is to LM/W (Light Manufacturing/Warehousing). The applicant is requesting a concurrent zoning change from MP (Business Park) to ML (Limited Manufacturing).

The request pertains to two parcels to the west of 33rd St SE; (abutting to the west is one large parcel designated LM/W). Shaw Road is then located adjacent to the west of that parcel (see map). The applicant maintains that this land use change would allow development to occur on the three parcels as a single, unified site, making the most efficient and economical use of the infrastructure improvements required for virtually any development proposal on these parcels. Please use the links below to view the staff report and other associated maps:

Preliminary Staff Report
2013 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Map
Future Land Use Designations Map
Zoning Designations Map
Aerial Overview Map

Please contact Katie Baker, Associate Planner, at kbaker@ci.puyallup.wa.us, or at 253-435-3604.