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City of Puyallup

City of Puyallup Maps

The maps at the following links are for general information only. All of the maps located here are not parcel specific except for the zoning quarter section maps. The information shown is to be considered relatively accurate only to the date shown on each map. For specific information of any location shown on the maps, please contact the Development Center at 333 S. Meridian 2nd Floor, Puyallup WA  98371 or call (253) 864-4165.  The PDF maps can be viewed by using the Adobe Acrobat zoom in/zoom out tool.

All of the maps found on this page are downloadable.  Larger sizes are available in print from the Development Center front counter.  Please call (253) 864-4165 for pricing. 

Parcel Based Zoning

Simply click on the Zoning Index Map link, click on the quarter section square associated with your parcel and you will be taken to the appropriate map.  If you do not know which quarter section to select, reference the green card you recieve from Pierce County Assessor regarding your property taxes. The quarter section, section, township, and range is shown on this card.


Critical Area Maps Adopted September 18, 2006



For information on these or other city maps contact: Jennifer Recco, GIS Coordinator (253) 841-5571.

To find out what City GIS Data is avialable, click here.

Parks and Recreation Maps


Volcano Evacuation Routes


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