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WSU Master Plan

WSU Master Plan

The WSU Puyallup Research & Extension Master Plan is being developed in response to the research and education programs offered at WSU.

The extension campus consists of 162 acres. The campus is split into three parcels; the parcel north of Pioneer Way East is comprised of 92 acres and the two parcels to the south are comprised of 70 acres. The project will include site revisions, new construction with sustainable building technologies, and renovation of older structures.

WSU Puyallup will continue to become a center of environmental research and education. Although the master plan is a planning document that will guide future development, no new construction is funded at this time. Phasing will be based on the available funding and administrative priorities. The most immediate priority is the demolition and remediation of the Conferences & Institutes Building and for the Federal Building. Click here to view the Draft WSU Master Plan.

Please direct questions to Katie Baker, Senior Planner, at KBaker@ci.puyallup.wa.us or (253) 435-3604.