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Active Permit Applications/Notices

Active Permit Applications/Notices

This is a listing of current permit applications and notices for Current Planning

Notice of Application
Apex Engineering, PLLC

Project Description:
Preliminary site plan review request for demolition of existing 2,493 sq. ft. Union Bank structure and building an approximately 7,000 sq. ft. building in approximately the same location. The proposed building will have two tenants, 4,788 sq. ft. of retail space and 2,200 sq. ft. of restaurant/coffee shop, including a drive-through.


Notice of Application P-15-0056 Larson Automotive Group
Project Description:
SEPA checklist submitted to pave and landscape a pre-existing, unpaved auto storage lot. Proposal also includes civil utility improvements and lighting. 6/15/16
Notice of Application P-16-0054 CES NW Engineering
Project Description: Preliminary site plan review request for construction of a 38-unit apartment complex. Project includes civil utility improvements, storm water control, landscaping, off-street parking and open space. 6/17/16
Planning Commission Public Hearing - May 25, 2016

Low Impact Development (LID) Code Update

Draft Code Update - Click on the links below to view the draft code
Title 18 - Comprehensive Plan - no changes
Title 19 - Plats and Subdivisions
Title 20 - Zoning Code
Title 21.06 - Environment, Critical Areas

Land Use Regulations for Methadone Clinics

The City Council recently imposed a six month moratorium on the establishment of any methadone clinics within the City, following a recent proposal to establish such a clinic in a commercial area of South Hill.


Notice of Appeal Hearing P-15-0104 Latitude Medical Office Building - 1710 5th St SE

On Thursday July 7, 2016 beginning at 9:30 a.m., the City Hearing Examiner will hold a public hearing at the Puyallup City Hall, Fifth Floor, City Council Chambers, 333 South Meridian, Puyallup, WA 98371 to consider the following matter:

The appeal of 1703 Meridian LLC; Dwight Haynie; Mark and Juliet Amor; and Charles Fielder, of a Mitigated Determination of Non-significance (MDNS) issued by the Director, Development Services Department, regarding property located at 1710 5th St SE, Puyallup, WA 98371, the Latitude Medical Office Building.

The authority for the hearing and the jurisdiction of the Hearing Examiner are derived from Puyallup Municipal Code 21.042.2015 and Chapter 2.54 PMC. The hearing is open to the public, but only persons qualifying as parties or called by parties as witnesses will have the opportunity to testify. Consistent with applicable rules, the parties will each have an opportunity at the hearing to offer testimony and to present witnesses and other evidence that they believe supports their view.

Notice of Application P-16-0018 Puyallup School District - 1106 Shaw Road Description: Preliminary site plan review request for construction of a new 12 classroom, 16,000 square foot (approx.) building addition to the west side of the existing elementary school on site. 3/25/16
Notice of Application P-16-0019 Wesley Homes - 707 39th Ave SE Description: Variance request to reduce portions of two required landscape buffers: 30-foot buffer along the north property line and a six-foot perimeter buffer along the east property line. 3/25/16