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Active Permit Applications/Notices

Active Permit Applications/Notices

This is a listing of current permit applications and notices for Current Planning
Notice of Hearing Examiner Public Hearing
Notice of Application

P-15-0037 Rezone Request

Washington State Fair Association - 1322 5th St SW

Proposal: Rezone request by the Washington State Fair. The Fair Association owns the .5 acre parcel, located at the dead end of 5th St SW (west side), which has been used for single family purposes and is zoned RS-08 (medium density single family residential). The Fair now owns the parcel and intends to develop the parcel for Fair uses.

Notice of Application

P-15-0007 Conditional Use Permit Application

Thermo Fluids, Inc. - 213 10th St SE

Proposal: Conditional Use Permit request to allow the conversion and redevelopment of an existing facility, previously used
for corn syrup processing, to be used as a recycled material (e.g. used oil and antifreeze) transfer facility.
The site consists of 5,750 square feet of building, a bucket elevator, two silos, and nine storage tanks. The
applicant proposes to redevelop the site to meet the City’s current development requirements, as well as update
and remodel the existing facilities to suit the company’s operational and compliance needs.

For more information, please contact Assistant Planner, Kendall Wals at KWals@ci.puyallup.wa.us, or (253) 841-5462.