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West Hills Neighborhood Open House - February 5, 2014

West Hills Neighborhood Open House

The Planning Division held an open house for residents of the West Hills Neighborhood Plan (WHNP) area on February 5th, 2014 at Fruitland Elementary. The event was very successful, with over 60+ people attending to learn more about changes to the plan proposed as part of the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update.

Staff is proposing removal of the West Hills Neighborhood Plan and replacing its designation on the Future Land Use Map. If the WHNP were removed, all relevant goals and policies would be moved into other elements of the Comprehensive Plan, as applicable. The WHNP land use designation would be replaced with the City's Low Density Residential (LDR) designation on the Future Land Use Map. The WHNP and LDR future land use designations are both implemented by the RS-10 (Low Urban Density Single-family Residential) zone; therefore, zoning (i.e., property development standards) for this area would remain the same. Please see the brochure that was prepared for the open house, or the West Hills Neighborhood Plan for more information.

The proposal was discussed during the February 5th open house and was generally well received by the community members in attendance. The proposal and the results of the open house were shared with the Planning Commission during their February 19, 2014 meeting. At this meeting, the Planning Commission recommended a public hearing be held on this proposal. The date for the public hearing has not been set, but will take place in the coming months.

If you would like to be notified of future Planning Commission meetings, including the public hearing on the West Hills Neighborhood Plan, please e-mail OurFuture@ci.puyallup.wa.us to be added to our e-mail list.