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Housing Element - Focus Group Sessions

What kinds of housing would you or your family prefer to live in the next decade or two? What kinds of housing would be affordable to you? Would you welcome a wider range of housing in your neighborhood? 

These are some of the questions that were presented to those who attended the housing focus groups.
During the first week of June 2014, three separate one-hour focus group meetings were held for community members to provide feedback related to the Housing Element update as part of the 2015 Comprehensive Plan update. The focus groups were successful with over 30 members of the community in attendance throughout the week.
The meetings were organized with a 30-minute PowerPoint presentation including instant polling questions for the attendees to answer, and 20 minutes of discussion on specific break-out questions in small groups. To view the PowerPoint presentation, polling results, and break-out questions, please click here. To view a summary of the feedback received in response to the Housing Focus Groups, the break-out questions, and online comments, please use this link. 

Staff thanks all participants for giving an hour of their day to engage in the update of the Housing Element. The focus groups generated fruitful discussion and provided staff with beneficial information.

If you would like updates on the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update process, please e-mail us at OurFuture@ci.puyallup.wa.us, to be added to the e-mail list.