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City of Puyallup

2015 Comprehensive Plan Update

"Engaging Our Future"

What is a Comprehensive Plan?
It sets a vision for the future and determines what the city will be like 20 years from now.

Why are we doing this?
The comprehensive plan was last updated in 2004 and is ready for a major update. Policies in the plan create a long term vision for the future, which establish zoning, infrastructure priorities, development patterns, and land use characteristics.

How long is this process?
The comprehensive plan update will be completed by June 2015.

What does this mean to me?
This update is your opportunity to help set the vision for your community for the next 20 years!
We hope you will remain involved throughout this 2 year process.

When does the process start?
The Planning Commission held an Open House in June of 2013 to introduce the 2015 Comp Plan Update to the community and gather feedback on the Vision for the City in 2035. Approximately 125 attendees talked with Commissioners and staff, learned about this 2-year update process and filled a wall with their priorities for the future of Puyallup. Thank you for attending and engaging!

What's going on now?
Staff is nearing the end of their work on the 2015 update and are working on finishing the the Transportation, Downtown, and South Hill Neighborhood Elements. It is expected that the Comprehensive Plan Update will go to a hearing before the Planning Commission in June, and on to the City Council in July or August.

For 2015, these are the specific elements of the Comprehensive Plan  that will be updated:

Foundations - the vision and goals set for the city.

Environment - guiding future development in the protection of citizens from natural hazards, and protection of the community's environmental resources.

Land Use - to guide future land use of both public and private property in the urban growth area.

Housing - provide a framework within which housing is provided to existing and new residents of the community.

Community Character - provides design concepts and policies which will direct future development in a way that reinforces and preserves the character and feel of Puyallup. Has strong ties to the Land Use Element and the Environment Element.

Transportation - guides improvement and expansion of the transportation system to meet the demands of future growth to the year 2020.

Utilities - ensures that utility service provided by both public and private purveyors will be supported by the comprehensive plan, and will support growth and development anticipated during the planning period.

Capital Facilities - provides an inventory, capacities, and projects future needs of capital facilities; establishes a six-year plan to finance such facilities.

Downtown Revitalization - a neighborhood plan providing direction for the future improvement of the historic commercial core of the community.


Please direct questions to Katie Baker, Senior Planner, at (253) 435-3604, or e-mail questions to OurFuture@ci.puyallup.wa.us