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City of Puyallup

The Engineering Services Division processes Latecomers Agreements, LIDs, Right-of-Way Vacations and applications for Extension or Connection of Water or Sewer Service Outside City Limits. 

Contact Linda Lian, Engineering Technician  (253) 841-5577.

Latecomers Agreement

A Latecomers Agreement allows owners of real estate constructing or improving utilities to enter into reimbursement contracts with the City. 

Right-of-Way Street Vacation

A Right-of-Way Street Vacation refers to the process where an individual (who owns property adjacent to the right-of-way) can petition the City Council to acquire public right-of-way for private use. 

Local Improvement District

A Local Improvement District (L.I.D.) allows property owners to petition the City to undertake neighborhood public improvement projects. 

Extension or Connection of Water or Sewer Service Outside Puyallup City Limits

An extension or connection of water or sewer service from outside Puyallup’s City limits, but within the City’s service area, shall submit an application to the City for such service.