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City of Puyallup

The Engineering Services Division processes Latecomers Agreements, Local Improvement Districts, Right-of-Way Vacations and applications for Extension or Connection of Water or Sewer Service Outside City Limits. Any questions on any of these services contact:

Linda Lian, Engineering Technician  (253) 841-5577 

Latecomers Agreement

A Latecomers Agreement allows owners of real estate constructing or improving utilities to enter into reimbursement contracts with the City.

  • Applicant constructs utility to City approval.
  • Applicant submits a request to the Engineering Services Division for a Latecomers Agreement including copies of all invoices justifying costs and latecomer application fee.
  • City Staff prepares a recommendation for City Council.
  • The City Council, based on information from Staff, makes a decision to approve or deny the request for a Latecomers Agreement.
  • If the Latecomers Agreement is approved by Council, they will direct the Director of Public Works to enter into a reimbursement agreement.
  • No agreement may encompass a period greater than 15 years.
  • Reimbursement amounts shall be a pro rata share of construction and contract administration costs including, but not limited to, design and engineering cost of the project.
  • An assessment reimbursement area shall be formulated by the Director based upon a determination as to which parcels benefit from the improvements.
Latecomers Agreement Brochure
Right-of-Way Street Vacation

The term Street Vacation refers to the process where an individual (who owns property adjacent to the right-of-way) can petition the City Council to acquire public right-of-way for private use.

  • A petition is submitted to the Engineering Services Division with a mailing list of property owners adjacent to the subject property, along with the filing fee, and an appraisal of the property to be vacated. (NOTE: The petition must be signed by the owners of more than two-thirds of the property abutting the right-of-way sought to be vacated.)
  • The City verifies the petition, ownership, and legal description.
  • The City Council establishes a Public Hearing date by resolution.
  • Notification of the Public Hearing is posted and mailed.
  • City Staff prepares a recommendation.
  • Public Hearing is held.
  • If Council approves Right-of-way Vacation, the initiating party submits a final processing fee, payment of one-half the appraised value, and any other items required.
  • City Staff obtains easement for utilities if necessary.
  • City Council holds two readings of the proposed ordinance.
  • If approved, the mayor signs the ordinance, attested, and approved to form.
  • City publishes ordinance in official newspaper.
  • Ordinance is effective five (5) days after publication.

Right-of-Way Vacation Brochure

Local Improvement District

A local improvement district (L.I.D.) allows property owners to petition the City to undertake neighborhood public improvement projects.

  • A petition is signed by at least 50% of the property owners within the L.I.D. area.
  • The City then schedules a Public Hearing.
  • After the hearing, the City Council, based on information from the hearing, makes a decision to approve or deny the request for the L.I.D.
  • If City Council approves the creation of the L.I.D., City Staff will design the L.I.D.
  • Once Staff has completed the design, the project is put out for competitive bids.
  • The L.I.D. is supervised and inspected by the City.
  • Each property owner is assessed only his or her prorated portion of the cost of the improvements.
  • Payments are made to the City either by making one payment in full within 30 days with no interest charge, or by making several payments over a number of years at a fixed interest rate.
Local Improvement District Brochure
Extension or Connection of Water or Sewer Service Outside Puyallup City Limits

An applicant that seeks water or sewer service from the City outside Puyallup’s City limits, but within the City’s service area, shall submit an application to the City for such service. 

  • An application is required for new service or material changes in existing service, for example: new connections, extensions or expansions of service; changes to customer classifications; changes to service connections; changes to service pipes and mains; meter changes.

Extension or Connection of water or sewer outside City limits Brochure