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Engineering Services

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The City of Puyallup Engineering Services Division serves the needs of the citizens of Puyallup by providing professional engineering services to the community.

The Traffic Engineering Division within Engineering Services is responsible for transportation review of new developments, traffic signal operations, review of signage and striping, traffic counts, and neighborhood traffic calming programs.

The divisions are dedicated to providing a professional environment with a high level of responsiveness to our citizens, developers, and consultants. Importance is placed on protecting the public health, safety, and welfare of our neighborhoods, providing a safe and reliable transportation system for all, and improving the quality of life for our residents and visitors.

The goal of the Engineering Services Division is to actively promote the community’s economic development and quality of life by providing thorough, accurate and timely review of project permit applications and maintaining an exceptional permit application process that is clear, concise and consistent.

  • Street address inquiries
  • Certificate of water or sewer availability
  • Public Deeds and Easements
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Right-of-Way vacations
  • Latecomer Agreements
  • Benchmarks

For more information click on services, for questions please contact Linda Lian, Engineering Technician at (253) 841-5577.

  • Site development permit
  • Clear, fill and grade permit
  • Off-site utility permit
  • On-site utility permit
  • Right-of-Way permit
  • Traffic control permit
  • House Move permit

For more information click on permits, for questions please contact Lesley Christensen, Engineering Permit Technician at (253) 841-5568.


The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program is a requirement of the federal Clean Water Act, which is intended to protect and restore waters for 'fishable, swimmable' uses.

The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has delegated permit authority to state environmental agencies. In Washington, the NPDES delegated permit authority is the Washington State Department of Ecology.

The City of Puyallup has been designated as a Phase II community and is required to comply with Ecology's Phase II NPDES Municipal Stormwater Permit. Therefore, the City has adopted new regulations from the 2005 Ecology Stormwater Management Manual.

Development Review

The Development Review team is devoted to ensure that development within the City of Puyallup meets current city codes and development standards. To accomplish this goal they are involved in all types and phases of development within the City, providing technical project review and assistance throughout the construction of a project. 

Colleen Harris, Engineering Services Manager  (253) 841-5491

Mark Higginson, P.E. (253) 841-5559

Paul Marrinan, P.E. (253) 841-5498

Design Standards

The City of Puyallup Design Standards for Public Works Engineering and Construction has been prepared to provide a graphic and written representation of minimum standards for construction of public improvements within the public right-of-way, easements, city property and on private property relating to utilities which are connected to the basic city utility system. The application of this manual has been coordinated with the latest edition of the Standard Specifications for Road, Bridge and Municipal Construction, published by the Washington State Department of Transportation and the American Public Works Association.

This manual was compiled by staff of the Engineering Services Division representing years of field and design experience. The intent is to achieve maximum uniformity of engineering and construction practices within the City of Puyallup. 

Please check Table of Contents for detail revision dates.