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Code Compliance

Code Compliance

"A Partnership Between Citizens and the City of Puyallup to Address Issues that Affect the Quality of Life in Our Community."

Shane Pieren 
Code Compliance Officer
Development Services Center

333 S. Meridian, 2nd Floor
Puyallup, WA 98371

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Submit Request For Action Form at the address or fax number above.
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Public Nuisances Issues
Active Investigations

Individual rights prohibit releasing of information during active investigations. 

What is a Nuisance?
Nuisances involves an unreasonable or unlawful use of property that results in material annoyance, inconvenience, discomfort, or damage to another persons or to the public. Common nuisances include situations involving animals, accumulation of junk, noise, dangerous buildings, unsanitary conditions such as household garbage, encroachment on public right of ways that interfere with pedestrian passage.
Submitting a Complaint

Submit Request for Action Form to the address or fax number above.

The Code Compliance Officer opens a compliance case via a WRITTEN REQUEST FOR ACTION. You can access the Request for Action Form here or pick up a paper copy at any city office. The Code Compliance Office is located at City Hall, 333 S. Meridian, 2nd floor. You may contact the Code Compliance Officer by phone at (253) 770-3327.

Please be advised that we do not follow up on anonymous phone tips or complaints without a written complaint.

Compliance Process
  • Written Complaint Received
  • A site inspection to verify if a violation exists occurs based on the type of complaint, urgency, current case work and other health & safety issues are prioritized.
  • A verbal warning or Notice of Violation is issued and/or mailed to primarily the owner, who is responsible for the property, if violations are found.
  • If the violations may be seen from the public right of way the City may directly pursue the violations
  • If the violations may NOT be seen from the public right of way the City may NOT directly pursue the violations and Citizens must be willing to take an active and participative role to include written statements and/or court testimony
  • Voluntary Compliance Period Provided (except for certain repeat offenders)
  • Follow up inspections are completed at the end of the compliance period.
  • Civil infraction, Criminal citations and Abatement are issued at the discretion of the City.
Significant Court Ruling

"The general legal principle to be referred from court action in nuisance cases is that one land owner will not be permitted to use his land so unreasonably as to interfere unreasonably with another landowners use and enjoyment of his land. The fundamental inquiry always appears to be whether the use of certain land can be considered as reasonable in relationship to all the facts and surrounding circumstances. Application of this doctrine of nuisance requires a balancing of rights, interests, and convenience."

Riblet v. Spokane-Portland Cement Company, 41 Wn.2nd 249 (1952)