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Bookmark Picture 2011Want to keep up on the latest happenings at the Puyallup Public Library?  The best way to find out what's going on is to read our monthly newsletter, The Bookmark.  This newsletter highlights programs, featured materials, changes in the Library, and other interesting information.

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  • New Book Alerts can help you discover new titles added to the Puyallup Public Library's collection, with lists sorted by genre and audience.
  • MySelectReads gives you the opportunity to set alerts for new titles on subjects you select. Choose topics you're interested in, enter your email address, and you'll get weekly updates with recommendations generated specifically for you.
  • AuthorCheck allows you to track your favorite author, explore authors with books owned by the Puyallup Public Library, and track books in a series, amongst other features. You can select categories of authors that you're interested in or follow specific authors.

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Book lovers never go to bed alone.

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