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Puyallup Public Library Outreach Services

The Puyallup Public Library Outreach Services program delivers materials to those living within the City of Puyallup who can no longer come to the Library on their own. This service is open only to those who live within the city limits. Outreach Services delivers a wide variety of materials to residents living in assisted living, skilled nursing and retirement facilities and to those who are still living in their homes. Outreach staff picks materials tailored to each participant's wants and needs. Deliveries occur once a month on a set schedule.

If you have any questions regarding Outreach Services or know of someone who would benefit from this service, please contact Katy Levesque, Outreach Services Technician, at 253.845.6623 or

We need Outreach Volunteers!

Outreach Services Volunteers provide support to the Library’s Outreach Services program and the Outreach Services Technician. This program provides delivery of materials to seniors residing in assisted living, skilled nursing facilities and their own homes within the City of Puyallup.  If you are interested in donating your time as a library volunteer and are curious about doing outreach, please read over the responsibilities and qualifications and then fill out a volunteer application.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Select and deliver materials to assigned patrons once-a-month for at least one year

  • Deliver materials to at least five (5) patrons, possibly ten (10)

  • Agree to maintain patron confidentiality

  • Work closely with Library Outreach Technician, Librarian Supervisor and designated facility contact

  • Attend a training session in preparation for serving our patrons. This will take approximately one (1) hour

  • Shadow Outreach trainer as she delivers materials to the customers you will have. This will take approximately two to three (2-3) hours


  • Be able to provide a commitment of at least six months

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Provide own transportation

  • Have a valid Washington State driver’s license

  • Be willing to travel outside of your neighborhood to provide services

  • Be able to lift and carry bags of materials weighing approximately twenty to thirty (20-30) pounds

  • Comfortable working with seniors and the disabled

  •  Have good communication skills

  • Love library materials and sharing that love with those who can no longer come into the library

  • Must be willing to submit to and pass a Washington State Patrol background check provided by the City of Puyallup

My experience with public libraries is that the first volume of the book I inquire for is out, unless I happen to want the second, when that is out.

- Oliver Wendell Holmes, The Poet at the Breakfast Table

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