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Code Adam LogoBeginning on May 26th 2009, the Puyallup Public Library has been using the Code Adam procedure, a powerful search tool for locating lost and possibly abducted children.  This program is simple to implement; if a parent/guardian cannot locate their child while in the Library, they can report to any staff member and a special Code Adam alert will be issued to the rest of the building.  Library staff will immediately begin searching for the child and, if the child is not found within ten minutes, the police will be notified.

Code Adam was started in 1994 by Walmart in memory of Adam Walsh, a child who disappeared from a Sears department store and was later found murdered.  The procedure is set up so that there is the least amount of time between a child being lost and notifying police, if needed.

If you would like additional information on Code Adam, please visit  The Library has information on hand in the building, and staff members will be able to answer your questions about the procedure.  Parents will also be able to find information at the Children's Desk about how to create and update their children's ID info.

The Library is dedicated to providing a welcoming and safe environment for all our patrons.  However, please be aware that the Puyallup Public Library has an Unattended Child Policy.  Parents/guardians are responsible for the actions and well-being of their children, and are expected to be in the immediate vicinity of their young children.