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Puyallup Public Library Cards

Anyone living in the City of Puyallup is eligible for the Puyallup resident library card at no charge. You can either apply online or visit the library. In order to receive full use of the library, bring in picture identification and identification that verifies your current address. If current identification is not available, users may obtain a non-verified card, which provides limited access of three items for check out, computer use, and remote access to databases.  Patrons who have library cards are subject to the Library Borrower Policy (pdf) and Library Card Responsibilities (pdf).

If you are a minor (under 18 years old), a notice will be sent to the parent or legal guardian telling them that their child has applied for a library card and that the parent is legally responsible for any materials checked out by the minor.

Items you check out of the library have different loan periods, so some materials may be due earlier than others. When you check items out, you will be given a printed receipt with the due dates. You can check the online catalog in the library, from home, office, school, or by telephone to see what items you have checked out, overdue, on hold, or to verify due dates of materials or renew items. If items are overdue, fines vary depending on the materials checked out.

Your library card allows you to have access to reference databases that Puyallup Public Library licenses on behalf of its patrons. If you are outside the library, you may need to enter your library card number and your patron identification number (PIN) to search the databases. However, some databases are restricted to in-library use.

Reciprocal Agreements with Neighboring Libraries

Reciprocal agreements between library jurisdictions allow residents of one district to use a library in another district without paying a non-resident fee.  Library users may apply for and have library cards in the other library systems.  Library users are expected to follow the regulations of the district or city whose services they are using.

The Puyallup Public Library has established reciprocal borrowing agreements with the following library systems:

Click here to see a map (pdf) of the areas covered with the Puyallup Library reciprocal agreements.

Present a photo ID with your current residential address at any participating library. You will be presented with a separate library card for each library jurisdiction. Seattle Public Library requires Puyallup residents to show a Puyallup Library card as part of the application process. Puyallup reciprocal library cards are good for two years and may be renewed as needed.

By obtaining a library card to another library, patrons can use the vast resources of other library systems, including access to downloadable books, electronic resources, and an increase to many databases not owned by the Puyallup Library.

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-  John Steinbeck