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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a study or meeting room?

The Library has rooms available for reservation at no charge for those who would like a quiet place to study, take an exam, or hold a meeting for their organization. To learn more about our meeting room policies or to apply for a meeting/study room, click here.

Can I get a refund if I paid for a lost item and then found it?
Puyallup Public Library will issue a refund for payment for a lost item if a customer returns a cataloged item within six months of payment. A credit for the cost of the item will be automatically posted to the customer's account. The customer may request that the credit be exchanged for a refund. In such cases, a refund check will be requested from the City of Puyallup Finance Department.

Before refunding a credit to a customer with fines on their library account, the Library will pay the fines with the credit and refund only tcredit remaining thereafter.

Can I renew the things I have checked out?

You may renew items you have checked online, by phone, or in person. Your time is extended from the day you request renewal. If another patron is waiting for an item you have, it will not renew.

DVDs renew for one week from the day you ask for renewal (1 renewal)

New books renew for 21 days from the day you ask for renewal (1 renewal)

Quick Picks may not be renewed

Any other books, music CDs, and other materials renew for 21 days from the day you ask for renewal (2 renewals)

Does the Library borrow materials from other libraries?
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) provides materials that are not owned by the Puyallup Public Library. Before submitting a request for ILL, check our catalog to make sure we don't already own the item. It is up to the librarian responsible for that area of the collection to determine whether we will purchase or obtain an item through ILL.

Does the Library have free wi-fi?

Yes! You can bring in your laptop, PDA, or hand-held gaming device and use our Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. Click here (pdf) to view instructions on connecting to the Library's Wi-Fi. Please review our Wireless Internet Access Policy (pdf).

How do I pay my fines?
You may pay by cash or check (with a valid Washington State driver's license) at the Card Services Desk, or by using a debit/card card at one of our Express Checkout stations.

How do I renew materials online?

Go to the Library's Online Catalog and log in to My Account. Click on "Items Out" and select the items you wish to renew, then click on the "Renew" button. Verify the new due dates.

How will I be notified when a requested item is available?
You will receive an email, an automated phone message, or US mail, depending on the option you have chosen in your patron record. If you need to know the option you chose or would like to change who we contact you, please speak with a Library staff member.

What if I lose or damage something I checked out?
We will charge your account the cost of the item plus a $6.00 processing fee. Processing fees are for book covers, barcodes, security, and staff time.

With the permission of a librarian, you may choose to replace the lost item with a new copy of the same title, in the same format. For example, a hardcover book must be replaced with a new hardcover copy; paperbacks can be replaced with a new copy in paperback; etc. Please speak with a staff member before purchasing a replacement copy.

What if my library materials are overdue?

We charge the following overdue fines for each item beginning the day after it is due. Dates that the Library is closed (Sundays and holidays) do not count towards fines. If fees on your card reach or exceed $15.00, your card will become invalid.

All materials except DVDs: 15 per day

DVDs: $1.00 per day

You may renew an item if it's already overdue. Fines will be assessed for the overdue days according to the list above. Avoid overdue fines by renewing materials online, by phone, or in person.

What is my PIN?

Your PIN is your Personal Identifiction Number. It's normally the last four digits of your phone number, unless you have requested we change it. Click here (pdf) to read about the services that require a PIN and how to change it.